A help with the face, please?

Hello! My name is Lidia, this is my first time in episode as a writer… And I have a little (and stupid) problem.
I want write the introdution of my story whitout dialoge, only with a narrator’s voices. I write this commands:
@ARIADNNE enters from right to screen left
@SANDERGAL enters from right to screen right
SANDERGAL (laugh_guffaw)

Okey, here I want that the girl turn his face to him, but I cant… I write the next:
ARIADNNE faces right (idle_terrified)

And this line, are automaticlly the dialogue of the man.

I cant understand whats happen and I don’t know my mistake.

(Sorry for my english, I’m spanish and It is not so good)

Can you show me a screenshot of your script so i can give you the correct coding :revolving_hearts:

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I think it is

@ARIADNNE faces right AND ARIADNNE is idle_terrified

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Yeah, this is te script :confused:


This is not avalible :woman_shrugging: But thank you for the answer :purple_heart:

@RainbowCat’s reply is correct. What do you mean it’s not available?

If you want a character to do an animation without talking, it looks like this:

@CHARACTER is animation

CHARACTER (animation) is only used for dialogue.

Sorry, I want said that this sentece make a error for me

You need to fix line 21 first.


But In this sentence not appear any script error. What would you do?:thinking:

You are getting the error message for line 23 because of line 21. Just fix line 21 and the error will go away.

If your character is not talking, change SANDERGAL (laugh_guffaw) to @SANDERGAL is laugh_guffaw

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@SANDERGAL is laugh_guffaw
@ARIADNNE is idle_terrified AND ARIADNNE faces right


OH! Thank you very much!!! :heart_eyes::heart_eyes::heart_eyes::heart_eyes::heart_eyes::heart_eyes::heart_eyes::purple_heart:

De nada, did it work? :revolving_hearts: