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                       A Home Away From Home

Nineteen teenagers are kidnapped by unatural forces and taken from their rich home lifes. Their brainwashed to think that they’re insane and belong in the Asylum.

Four adults are kidnapped by unatural forces and taken from their suburban home lifes. Then their brainwashed to think it’s their job to take care of the “Insane Kids”

                        ~A Home Away From Home~

It’s your job as a teenager or adult to find out that this life is fake and too escape the Asylum. With RP and SG aspects I invite you to join “A Home Away From Home”.


Spots Left: 17
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this seems so cool! i’ll sign up for this :slight_smile:
edit: signed up!


Reserve for one.


Seems cool! I’ll sign up!


Reserve for one ^-^


Yeah It was midnight when I made the sign up form and I couldn’t find my glassess and it’s really hard to see without them so my bad :slight_smile:

Anyone who has signed up please sign up again as I forgot to add character names and Forum Names.




I sent a form :blush:


the faceclaim link doesn’t seem to work?


Thanks for telling me it should work now.




Done one. How many can we do?