A ink art scene, City Scape

Hey, I have a specific art scene that I would like done.

Backround: bottom of City Skyscrapers.
Colour: Black, White and Grey is the only colours you can use but the MC will be in Colour. (Will send her deets in a PM)

Scene: MC stands on a pavement in the screen center and looks blank in front of her, while people and cars pass her by.

Note: The people passing and cars are in Black, white and grey and are to look faded.
Only the MC is in colour.

If you would to do this please send me your work? Or recommend someone to me.

Thanks Blossoms :rose:

These lovely ladies make beautiful art scenes, covers, splashes etc.

I can do it if you’re okay with waiting a few days, PM me if you want, if it’s urgent then sorry.