A&J Covers/Splashes/Backgrounds/Edits Shop INK/Limelight (OPEN)


Hey guys, you may know us as Abbey and Jayla from our previous shop, but we’ve become a bit stressed out, what with all of the requests we get daily.

From now on, we will only be doing SIX Covers/Splashes/Backgrounds, a week.

Please try to understand, as we’re both busy and this shop is just a hobby :slight_smile:

You can request, but please note that you might not be chosen for this week, it’s first come first serve.

We do INK and Limelight.


1. You cannot request from us, if you’re requesting the same thing from another person, it takes time to do these things and it’s not fair to either of us.

2. We pick the outfits on your character, it’s because of the program we’re using

3. No hate! We’re trying our best here people, so please be patient, and respectful that these things don’t take 5 minutes to do.

4. VERY IMPORTANT! Please include all of your character’s details as well as what you’d like and any additional details you want in your edit, as well as a screenshot of your character (as a reference)

Examples will be down below shortly.

Credit to @episode_amanda for the EA!


How to request:

PLEASE Include this format (filled in with your character’s info):

Please include all details:

*Skin: *
Eye color:
Eye shape:
Mouth shape:
Mouth Color:
*Hair Color: *
*Hair Style: *
Any additional features such as: (scars, beauty mark, tattoos etc)
Any specific backgrounds you’d like as well as what you want the characters to be doing.


I’d like to request a cover for my story The Sleepover, if that’s OK?

Please include character details

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Will it be okay of you do a cover of my story called Queen-to-Bee it’s a Roalty/Mystery Story. Please and thanks!

Yes, read rule 4 please :slight_smile:

This is what my charater looks like but can you put a crown on her head?

So there is a girl and a guy. The they are laughing, and the guy has his arm around her.

Thin Arch
Long Bangs (Black)
Gentle Almond (Hickory)
Defined Triangle
Uneven (Terracotta)

Defined Natural
Classic Bob (Auburn)
Upturned Bold (Green)
Classic (Mocha)

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Please include all details:

Eye color:
Eye shape:
Mouth shape:
Mouth Color:
Hair Color:
Hair Style:
Any additional features such as: (scars, beauty mark, tattoos etc)

Request accepted. Will tell you when it’s done. :slight_smile:

By the way, any specific background you’d like?

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Sorry! I haven’t done this in a while, but can you also include what background you’d like?

I’m sorry Im new to this.
Skin: Neutral 04
Eye color: Hazel
Eye shape: Deep Upturned Wide
Eyebrows: Arched Think Styled
Eyebrow Color: Deep Brown
Nose: Defined Natural
Mouth shape: Full Heart Pouty
Mouth Color: Warm Pink Gloss
Hair Color: Dark Brown
Hair Style: Double Buns
Face Shape: Dimond
Thank you!

Any specific background? Also, what do you want your character to be doing?

I would like her to be wearing a crown, winking and in front of a castle plz.

Ok. Request accepted, will be done soon. Thanks :slight_smile:

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If I requested on the other thread, so I have to request again here? :thinking:

Hai could I request an edit please :blush: :heavy_heart_exclamation:

Character Details:
Skin: Olive
Brows: Thin Angled
Hair/color: Straight (black)
Eyes/color: Upturned Bold (toffee)
Face Shape: Soft Heart
Nose: Soft Natural
Lips/color: Classic (dusty rose)

Screenshot Of Character:

A aesthetic background any one is good I’m not picky :smile:

Additional Features:
Black glasses

Animation and poses:

I hope I filled it out right :sweat_smile:

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There is no specific background, just something that has to do with a sleepover.

Alright thank you

Hi @EdwardNorton i will be doing your request :blush:

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Thank you!

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