A&J Covers/Splashes/Backgrounds/Edits Shop INK/Limelight (OPEN)


@Patata Poses?



If you guys want more examples go to our old thread! Here!



Hi can I request some covers?

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I want this for large cover…
on the top of the pic i want these words to be written…“Mess with me okay…but…mess with my sisters…then consider it as your death day” i want this to be fierce font …
for the first one …i need three girls standing …the center one should be a little height compared to the other two…the magic ball each should be holding…i mentioned below
for the center one…golden will be perfect…for the others it should match their hair color…
1.the center one
*Skin: * light
*Eye color:*charcoal
*Eye shape:*upturned bold
*Mouth shape:*blossom lips
*Mouth Color:*ruby red
*Hair Color: *charcoal
*Hair Style: *beach wave hair
Any additional features such as: (scars, beauty mark, tattoos etc) i want a rose tatto on her neck
pose: same pose as eira in your example edit
2.the right one
*Skin: *light
*Eye color:*green
*Eye shape:*upturned bold
*Mouth shape:*classic
*Mouth Color:*scarlet
*Hair Color: *mint
*Hair Style: *beach wave hair
face: soft heart
Any additional features such as: (scars, beauty mark, tattoos etc) same rose tattoo on her neck
*Any specific backgrounds you’d like as well as what you want the characters to be doing.*holding the magic ball with so much passion in one hand and winking at the readers…the other hand on her hips and the other holding the magic ball… she should face left
3.the left one
*Skin: *light
*Eye color:*taupe
*Eye shape:*upturned bold
*Mouth shape:*classic
*Mouth Color:*orange crush
*Hair Color: *coral
*Hair Style: *fishtail braid
face shape: diamond
*Any additional features such as: (scars, beauty mark, tattoos etc)*same rose tatttoo on her neck like the others…
two hands join together like this
but pointing in upward direction…above her finger i want her magic ball…she should face right…and smirk in her face…
Any specific backgrounds you’d like as well as what you want the characters to be doing.
u can choose the background…as long as it is bold and attractive…i am okay with it…outfits should be black for all of them …but u change the dresses only the colour should be changed.matching their haircolour…i want all the girls to be edited with the same contour effect on eira .then…i hope u r clear…let me know if anyone is doing this cover here…if not sry to disturb…i may request in another thread also…so guys pls reply once u r free



Hugging each other C:






Hey girls!
First of all, i love your art! You girls are talented af! lil jealous here but ok
I would love love love to request 2 covers from you (Large and small)

So down here are the deets, and i hope you girls are okay with making it!

Click me for overload on details

Skin: Honey
Eye color: Taupe
Eye shape: Upturned Feline
Mouth shape: Full round
Mouth Color: Crimson
Hair Color: Passionfruit
Hair Style: Beach Wave Hair
Nose: Elven
Face: Oval
Eyebrows: Medium Soft Arch
Any additional features such as: (scars, beauty mark, tattoos etc) Nope!
Any specific backgrounds you’d like as well as what you want the characters to be doing.




For the cover.

  • The story name is Rosefield, so if you could put it like this (𝑹𝒐𝒔𝒆𝒇𝒊𝒆𝒍𝒅)
    and in the color crimson. (The same color as her lips.)
    For the small cover just put the text around her waits, And for the large cover the text in zone 2 & 3. (The mc will be laying in zone 1)

Thanks in advance!!
Lots of love mAY :sparkling_heart:



Here is what I would like and I need them Asap!

Characters (INK)

Skin color - Tan
Brows - Thin Soft Arch
Hair - Beach waves (Platinum Blonde)
Eyes - Upturned feline (blue)
Face - Oval
Nose - Elven
Lips - full round (Blush)

Skin - honey
Brows - Thin arch
Hair - Faux Hawk (black)
Eyes - gentle almond (taupe)
Face - defined triangle
Nose - button
Mouth - uneven (terracota)

For the background, can it please be a rainy night scene, preferably an empty street. Can Apollo be holding an umbrella, both of them clearly wet from the rain, and Chey will be hugging him, her arms wrapped around his waist and her head against his chest, and he will be blushing and giving a shy smile. Can it have One Heart written across it and the authors name (Lindsey Lovely). I would like both covers to have the same scene.

And one last story


Skin color - Light
Brows - Seductive arch
Hair - Straight (fawn)
Eyes - Upturned bold (toffee)
Face shape - Oval
Nose - Elven
Mouth - Full round (blush)


Skin color - Tan
Brows - Thin arch
Hair - Cropped (black)
Eyes - Deepest sloping (green)
Face - defined triangle
Nose - Button
Mouth - uneven (terracotta)

I’d like Reese to be holding Emersyn bridal style and he will be laughing while, she looks nervous, scared and blushing, holding onto him tightly. The background can be a plain color or a blurred scene. Have An Inconvenient Attraction written across it. I need both covers for this!

That’s all I need. Whenever you have time please start! Thanks <3 )(sorry for editing it so much, i’m an indescsive bitch lmao)



You missed the noses, and eyebrow shapes @Elva_Writes

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I fixed it now. :blush:



anyone saw this let me know if anyone is doing it?



Excuse me. Sorry, I requested something a while ago, and it wasn’t noticed. So,

Can I request an edit?

Defined Natural
Beachwave Hair (Charcoal)
Upturned Feline (Green)
Soft Natural
Classic (Blush)

Writing in a notepad (forgot the exact animation)

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@Elva_Writes’s request:

Don’t forget to credit us @jabbey.edits



I love it. Thank you! :heart::blush:



Big Cover and Small Cover~

I would like to request for a big and small cover.

The title is: Preganant by the Troublemaker.

Here are the characters:

Blonde: Spiked Up hair.
Light skin
EyesvClassic round blue.
Face defined triangle.
Eyebrows thick arch,
Mouth smirk blush,
Nose button.

Platinum blonde beach wave
Face oval
Nose even.
Eyes upturned feline blue
Eyebrows defined natural
Mouth blossom lips blush
Skin light.

And free pick outfits but make them match and the girl is pregnant. And I want the background slightly blurred, and I want a cute free background. And that’s it. I want the girl to be looking at the readers and winking and the guy is looking down and is blushing. With his are around her, can u do that? And the guy has tattoos.

And the author MCG1314

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I was wondering if i can request a small/large cover for my story The Untold Secrets If thats okay?

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@AbbeyX_295 @Jayla12
Hi! Are you still open?

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Can I request a cover?

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Hey, I was just messaging to see how my cover is going, I requested it around 15th March??? I also changed a couple of features on a couple of characters, so if possible could you use their new features?