A kind artist is needed

While you were gone, another artist offered to help. You’re very kind, and their artwork is well done. I was wondering if you would be okay with be accepting both of you guys are, and using one as a season 2 intro, and the other as cover art. I thought I should ask first.

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Of course! Go ahead! I am fine with doing either. I can do the intro. @ShortneyShadow can do the cover!

Cool! Thanks so much, I really appreciate you both.

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Can we talk details when @ShortneyShadow comes back?

Yeah, sure. But if she takes over an hour to come back, would it be okay to start without her. I’m sure she could catch up.

Of course! Lets start now. Cause I have time.

Cool, so do you have any questions, is there anymore info I need to give?

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Nah, ok. Go on the DM I made.

If u ever need a cover, I can do it. Check out my thread I will make FREE covers for your story! [OPEN] (Ll) [FAST]