A large and small cover

Hi I’m Jada, I’m making a 2nd story called The Killer Twins: In Returned
I wanted something that looks like my old story just with different characters
Its a mafia/Action story !!!


Are you looking for edited or drawn? And if drawn, are you willing to pay?

If you’d like free edited/drawn work, you’re better off requesting at an open art shop, in which case you can check out this thread here!

I have an art shop, you Can check out

If you’d like drawn work feel free to DM me for the prices and some examples!

I can pay how much??


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You can search commissions to see what open threads pop, and what prices they offer! It varies per shop. :slightly_smiling_face:

I do commissions as well, you can check out my Commission thread for more examples. I’ll also share an example of my work and my own prices below.


Price Chart

This needs updated. The bottom part is supposed to be “each extra character is 50% off their own total cost”.

*You’re also more than welcome to pm me to get a price estimate. You’re under no obligation to pay or follow through if you want to still look around :heartbeat:

And some other commission artists that I think are still open: @ZamiraArts @Geta @dishsoap @Jellishfish @talina.writes

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If you need the cover
You should message PM @Gurmeet
I think her art is great :heart:

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My examples and prices:

Hi! I am open for commissions
My Ig is epii.jessica incase you’d like to contact me there


BG commission

Exclusive BG


Info & Price

These are free :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

Hello Im open for commissions. You can dm me on insta @ZamiraArts
you can see my samples here.


Its $25 half body per character
$30 full body per character

Hey babe I’m open for commissions, feel free to dm me for prices

Hey I pm hope u get it☺️