A Letter from the Author of Our Little Secret

Hello Episodians!

Melani3 here, with a letter from the author of the newest Episode Original, “Our Little Secret.” She’s very excited to share her experience and story with you all.

If you haven’t already, give it a read for some fun slice-of-life vibes!

Dear Reader,

I’m very excited to be sharing with you “Our Little Secret!”
It’s a story that holds a lot of significance to me.
At first, I was honestly a little scared to share this story with the world. It felt really personal - there are a lot of details in this story that are reflections of my relationship with my own parents, that have ties to my cultural heritage and my own identity, and that draw on my own life experiences growing up Asian-American.
But my intention in sharing this story is the same as the intention that I had while creating it -to bring to life a fun, heartfelt story with an Asian-American protagonist right in the center of the action. It’s something I would have given anything to see when I was younger. And I hope in sharing and creating this now, it offers the representation I had always wished for myself now for all of you.

To every single reader out there, I hope this story offers you comfort and joy, especially in current times of uncertainty.
I hope these characters and their love for one another makes you feel welcomed and loved as well.
And even more, I hope that this story sparks in you the fire to create and share your own stories that your younger selves always needed to see.

Thank you so much for supporting this story and for supporting a platform where a story like this can be shared. I wish you all the happiest of reading.

A.J. Light


Hey, @Melani3. Can you pass along to AJ that they are really sweet for being behind this project and sharing their story as it were?

Also, would they be available for some questions, because I sure have some?


Hi! I can definitely pass that message on to AJ!

If you keep an eye out on our Instagram stories, AJ will also be doing a Q and A later this week/early next week! I can’t guarantee your question will be chosen, but it’s always good to ask. :slight_smile:


I would heavily encourage Episode to change the Hugh Johnson name. Regardless of intent, it sounds like a… dirty euphemism for genitalia… and makes it a really unfortunate name for your black LI. :confused: Black authors and readers I know are avoiding this story for that reason specifically.

That being said, I genuinely liked this story - a lot! - and would love to see more from this author. I really hope you hire her again and let her do more work for you.

I’ve complimented this in the discussion thread for Our Little Secret, but I was pleasantly surprised by how much I liked the LIs. I think they’re both nice, genuine people - even though their personalities are clearly very different. Hugh is actually my favorite, but it was so refreshing to see Ethan clearly have feelings for the MC but not be some petty, jealous teenager or lash out against Hugh. It was a really nice story.


I brought up @writingspirit’s concern with AJ, who wanted to let you all know it will be changed in the coming week.

In AJ’s words: “Thank you so much for your insightful comment. While this was an unfortunate accident, it definitely came across as insensitive, and I’m taking accountability and changing it.”

We both appreciate you bringing it up, and hope you continue to enjoy the latter half of Our Little Secret!


evryone is gonna be so confused over that name change

I think they can handle it


I dont know I still have a problem with a name change of voldemort in Harry Potter and its been years in Danish they changed his name to Romeo but in later movies, they forgot the name change and called him the original name Tom

I am very pleased to hear this. Thank you for passing it along and to AJ for taking it to heart!


This is very appreciated. Thank you :purple_heart::black_heart::purple_heart::black_heart: