A List Of All Available Sounds On Portal

This was copied off of the old forums, as it goes away tomorrow. This thread helped me so much, so I decided to bring it to the new forums. Enjoy.

alarm-Danger (three loud tones)
SFX_Cellphone_Answer (single tone up)
SFX_Cellphone_Hangup (single tone down)
airplane_takeoff (airplane whooshing overhead)
alarm2 (fve descending tones and a secondary tone in the middle)
alarm_loud (a combination of the incorrect buzzer and alarm2)
alarmclock_beep (4 rapid high-pitched tones repeated three times, the sound of my alarm clock)
alarmclock_digital (4 of the most grating alarm tones ever, would give me a heart attack to wake up to)
ambient_damproom_lp (sound of dripping)
ambient_dripping_lp (mysterious music)
ambient_dripping_lp2 (combine mysterious music and dripping sound)
ambient_jungle_lp (animal sounds)
ambient_jungle_lp2 (wetter animals sounds)
ambient_junglefade (quiet music and animal sounds)
ambient_ocean (sound of waves and seagulls)
ambient_outdoors_lp (slightly different from the second ambient jungle)
ambient_quietcity (bird sounds and quiet horns honking)
ambient_synthswell (creepy rising syth sound effect sy-fy)
ambient_thunderstorm (sound of rain and thunder)
ambient_traffic (slightly louder than ambient_quietcity)
angelicstring (short piano and string sound effect)
awake_swell_neutral (mysterious syth sound that gradually gets louder)
bell_clerk (front desk bell)
bell_ominous (heavy church bell)
belltoll (grandfather clock)
body_drop (body dropping on ground)
boys_alarmed (a weird male “huh?”)
brooding_laughter (descending creepy music, no laughter)
brooding_strings (short sound effect that could be repeated for creepy background)
button_click (cheerful notification sound)
camera_flash (sound of a shutter snapping)
candybowl_crash (sound of glass shattering)
car_beepbeep (polite car honk)
car_breakdown (car having trouble starting)
car_honk (loud honk)
car_motor (sound of a driving or idling car)
car_motor_old (quieter version of car_motor)
Car_off (car turning off)
cat_reowr (upset cat meow)
change_clothes (quiet sound of clothes rustling)
church_organ (bell and organ sounds)
circuitbreaker_off (sound of electricity turning off)
clang (harsh, brief, metal noise)
clap_solo_light (1 person clapping)
classroom_laughter (chattering and laughing of young people)
computer_ding (another happy notification sound with a bit of a tinkle to it)
computer_whoosh (whosh sound and then notification noise)
crash (smiliar to car_crash, but shorter and more jump-scare like)
credits_st (lazy-sounding happy music)
creepy_ghoul_sounds (extremely quiet, creepy music and whispering with footsteps near the end)
crowdnoise_muffled (like hearing a crowd from backstage)
cukoo (stupid loud cukoo clock sound)
digital_off (descending electric beeps)
digital_on (ascending electric beeps)
director_action (male voice)
director_action_f (female voice)
director_cut (male voice)
director_cut_f (female voice)
dog_bark (1 small woof)
door_bang (loud sound)
door_click (door clicking open or closed)
door_close (close to a door slam)
door_creak (likely creaking open, but could also creak closed)
door_knock (three quick knocks)
door_slam_metal (harsh slam that almost doesn’t sound like a door)
door_slam (a sound different from door_close but similar)
doorbell (standard)
drone_scary (low pulsing drone with percussive background)
drum_roll (snare drum roll)
drum_badpunchline (same as drum_punchline, but with a weird noise at the end)
drum_solo (impressive drummer finale)
drum_taiko (three loud beats of a big drum that starts with suspended cymbal)
dundundun (three ascending tones suspenseful)
dcho_female (very loud and creepy sounding)
derie_swell2 (descending pitches, very sy-fy)
dlectronic_sound (spaceship computer sounds)
dmail_sent (sound of something electronic zooming away)
ext_airplanehangar_day (birdsong and airplanes buzzing)
ext_campus_day_busy (lots of people and a fountain and birdsong)
ext_campus_day_ busy2 (quiet and muffled talking with highway in the background)
ext_campus_day_quiet (just the fountain and birdsong)
ext_citystreet_quiet (cars, birds, and a train in the background)
ext_farmandsilo_day (birdsong, cow moos, and a cowbell)
ext_fountain_day (birdsong and fountain with fountain emphasized, could also be river or waterfall)
ext_graveyard_day (wind and a few birds including mourning doves)
ext_hotelterrace_day (people talking and seagulls, are those waves in the background?)
ext_manorgardens_day (lots of birds)
ext_moviesettrailer_day (distant people talking and cars
ext_weddingceremony_sunset (happy ending music with birds)
firecrackling (a crackling fire)
footsteps_runtowalk (a jogging person slows to a walk)
funk_interlude (cool sounding music clip that fades out)
glass_clink (like making a toast or setting a glass down)
glass_shatter (thin sheet of glass shattering, more like a window than candybowl_crash)
greeting_male (“hey” in a deep friendly voice)
guitar_thang (quiet rock guitar practice)
gunshot_distant (gunshot with an echo)
gunshots3 (three shots in a row)
gurgling (a gross sound halfway between stomach gurgles, Gollum, and someone drowning)
heartbeat (15 beats of a heart in an echoy chamber)
heavenly_choir (choir sings a harmonious chord)
horns_danger (three scary notes)
hush (“shh”)
int_academichall_busy (people chattering, fan running, lockers slamming)
int_academichall_quiet (fan buzzing, occasional footsteps)
int_americanfamilyrestaurant_day (people talking and dishes clinking)
int_apartment_day (quiet fan)
int_arcade_day (sound of old videogames)
int_bakery_day (quiet chatter, dishes clinking, some birds, some baby sounds, someone saying “hello”)
int_bar_cocktail (jazzy music background with people chattering and some glasses clinking)
int_bar_pub (louder version of cocktail bar, no music, more masculine voices)
int_basement_hallway (sound of a fan and snapping electricity, occasional footsteps)
int_boutique_day (subdued, mostly feminine chatter, cash register sound, sounds of things being moved and footsteps)
int_cafe_busy (sound of dainty dishes clinking louder than the distant chatter)
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06-15-2016, 12:39 PM
Part 2

int_cafe_radio (sound of quiet jazz with dishes and distant chatter)
int_castleballroom_day (loud, echo, male and female voices, some loud cackles or baby noises, machinery?)
int_collegebathroom_day (faucet running, toilet flushing, brushing self off)
int_georgiachurch_day (chapel organ, quiet murmuring and rustling
int_guarddesk_muzak (jazzy 80s elevator music)
int_gym_day (quiet beat in background, equipment being used, some echoed chatter in distance)
int_hospitalhall_day (fan running, either pages turning or something ripping, beeping of life support)
int_hospitalroom (fan running, loud beeping of several life support systems)
int_lab_night (bubbling liquid, air compressors, laser saw)
int_radiotower_day (birdsong, sound of something fiddling with items, motor revving up then down)
int_restaurant_mexican (Mexican music, chatter, dishes clinking, a couple loud “yeah” s)
int_schooloffice_busy (clock ticking, phone ringing, people chattering, “this is the new one”)
int_schooloffice_quiet (clock ticking, phone ringing, answering machine sound, printer printing, drawer opening)
int_supermarketcheckoutline_day (people chattering and kid noises, loud beeping cash register)
interlude_flute (synth slow music, neutral mood, not real flute)
interlude_gfunk (same melody as interlude_flute, but with percussion and sy-fy syth sound)
interlude_jazzyvar (more laid back version of the interlude with percussion and electric piano)
interlude_organ (interlude melody with only rock organ)
jackpot (ringing bell and tokens pouring out)
jazzy_interlude (harpsichord, sy-fy syth, electric guitar on interlude melody)
joke_stinger (similar to drum_punchline, but shorter)
kiss_peck (quick kiss)
laugh_nervous_female (“oh!” giggle)
lock_something (something being locked)
magic_spell (loud shimmery sound with synth)
magic_spell2 (strange spaceship like sound)
mus_dance_club (low beat, high electric piano melody, sounds awesome)
mus_dance_club2 (similar melody to the first, but louder and more annoying buzzing synth that slides)
mus_dance_hall (classical waltz)
mus_hollywoodcrush_maintheme (piano and synth theme, very upbeat)
mus_realityshow (percussion, electric guitar, piano, short, more like a transition piece)
music_808_lp (low beat, two strikes of glockenspiel, very short)
music_808full_lp (same as above, but extended, sounds like 80s fantasy soundtrack)
music_80srock_lp (loud, confident, electric guitar and bass, drums)
music_action_lp (same sort of beat as Mission Impossible, string melody, suspense)
music_attitudepop (strong beat, minor key, synth)
music_artwork (strong synth beat, high tambourine, tinkling sounds above)
music_breezy_lp (peaceful, 80s ballad, drums, synth piano, jazzy, slow)
music_bubblegum (sounds like anime, heavily synthed, happy, also similar to Owl City background tracks)
music_club_lp (strong steady beat, minor key, suspense, rising, electric sliding, drums increase)
music_darkkeys (low, quiet, flowy, echoing, accentual beats, synth, suspense)
music_doom (low two-note pattern, short, only repeats once)
music_doom2 (loud French horns, descending pattern, three notes)
music_dramaticgroove (easy listening, laidback, synth-laden, electric guitar)
music_eleizabethan_lp (acoustic guitar, oboe, strings, dancing, old-fashioned, slow)
music_emoprogression (low, electric guitar, drums, suspended cymbal tap, western-sounding beginning, synth melody enters later)
music_funeralorgan (bell and organ, very short, similar to what plays in the background of georgiachurch)
music_gloomyprogression (quiet percussive beat, echoing synth descending pattern later, high electric ornamentation)
jungle_eerie (heavy echoing beat, lots of percussion, low strings enter later, tinkling melody enters last, super long and epic sounding, then just drums and melody, ending with drums) This is a longer version than music_jungleeerie
music_jungleneutral (low drone, percussion, suspense, electric effect enters later, back to just drums and drone at end)
music_jungletension (driving beat, tambourine, string, synth, suspense, ascending pattern)
music_marchingsnare (snare drum beat only, brief)
music_mellowfunk (synth chords, slow, low beat, static harmony)
music_modulatedgroove (string chords, driving percussive beat, sounds somewhat like the 80s, upbeat, rising, belltones)
music_moodyrock (slow, low electric pattern, then drums, then synth whine on top, minor key, electric guitar)
music_neutral beat (some percussion, low synthpad, neutral tone, not very long)
music_nyjazz_lp (smooth, classic, piano jazz with drums and suspended cymbal)
music_ominousrap (low, minor key, electric buzz, percussion, electric wobble above)
music_parisian_lp (accordion, piano, drums, slow and laidback)
music_pianoguitar_lp (upbeat, swing rhythm, piano, guitar, shaker, peaceful)
music_pianoprogression (piano solo, drums enter, electric piano chords, electric guitar, descending patterns)
music_piano theme (slow, beautiful, piano solo, like wedding or finale music)
music_popclub (similar to musi_dance_club, may be the same)
music_poppunk (cute, electric instruments, standard chord progression I IV V I)
music_raprock_lp (bold, electric and synthetic instruments, minor key, short)
music_raprock_lp2 (low, ascending pattern, electric and synthetic, strong percussion, sustained strings, minor key, suspense)
music_realityshow (electric guitar, piano, drums, short, transition)
music_rock_lp (hard rock, electric guitar, drums, short loopable clip)
music_sadgoodbye (echoing synth, pulsing, synthetic strings, minor key)
music_sadguitar_lp (electric guitar, bass, drums, suspended cymbal, arpeggios, slow, western-sounding, electric piano descending pattern)
music_spookyaction (electric pulse, high synth buzz, echoing synth, minor key)
music_stringwaltz (piano, strings, slow, happy, ¾ time)
music_talkshow_lp (long loopable version of music_realityshow)
music_tensebeat_lp (strings, ascending patterns, cello enters, harp arpeggios, pizzicato, generally minor key, light drums)
music_tickingbeat_lp (twinkling melody, synthetic strings, ticking beat, acoustic guitar, happy, glockenspiel, rising modulation)
music_zen_lp (Asian-sounding, diggerido buzz, minor modal, pan flute, sitar, sustained static harmony)
my_new_best_friend (piano, shaker, quiet, laid back, becomes energetic towards the end and adds brass and snare)
office_sounds (distant male voices, papers shuffling, typing, fan noise)
ominous_beat_lp (high impact beat with drums and piano, suspended cymbal)
ominous_beat_lp2 (lower key than the first one, no piano)
ominous_bell (like bell_ominous, but two rings in quick succession)
outdoor_ambience (quiet repeated bird sounds)
paparazzi (flurry of shutter sounds like several instances of camera_flash)
paper_sheet (paper being flipped over or page being turned)
phone_calling (electronic tone, small vibration, low pitch)
phone_dialtone (busy signal)
phone_record (ascending)
phone_record_off (descending)
phone_ring (ringing, high pitch)
phone_ring2 (medium pitch)
phone_text (notification sound and quick vibration)
phone_vibrate (long vibration and notification tone at the end)
police_siren (brief, gets attention)
psst (male voice)
quiet_footsteps (4 steps)
quietoutdoor_ambience (wind, no birds)
radio_tuning (terrible electric scratching, static, and buzzing)
reveal_chimes (happy, ascending harp arpeggio with triangle)
reveal_scary (screeching strings, brief)
roar_monster (more of a scream and an electric siren than an animalistic roar)
roar_monster2 (lion-like roar)
running_heels (eight quiet steps like a woman running away)
sadtrombone (trombone descending slide in two bursts)
scary_stab (orchestral impact hit)
scary_swell (low brass drone and swell, synth rapid pulse above, very short)
scary_swell2 (similar to above, but with strings and a more fleshed out chord, very short)
scary_swell3 (low brass drone, two note synth chords, very short)
sharkapproach (slower version of the Jaws theme)
shortmusic_acoustic guitar (brief clip of guitar strumming, loopable, upbeat)
shortmusic_70s (twangy, minor percussion, super short)
shortmusic_clangingmetal (some one tapping on cookie sheet, synth enters later, cowbell percussion, longer than name suggests, return to tapping on cookie sheet, fade out)
shortmusic_clangingmetal2 (same except shorter and the other instruments don’t drop out at the end)
shortmusic_crimedrama (strong beat from drums and bass, electric guitar melodic interlude, very short)
shortmusic_eeriejungle (a clip from the middle of the longer version)
shortmusic_electricguitar (brief electric guitar riff)
shortmusic_elizabethan (merely the conclusion of the longer version of this song)
shortmusic_guitarcello (cello with sharp quick guitar chords, very brief)
shortmusic_junglepercussion (rapid percussion beats from both xylophone and drums, acoustic guitar enters briefly at the end)
shortmusic_junglepercussion2 (same as above, but with added synth drone and slightly longer)
shortmusic_jungletension (drums, triangle, synth drone, electric glissandos, short version of similar song)
shortmusic_melancholicsynth (descending synth pattern, like an anime transition)
shortmusic_piano (short electric piano transition)
shortmusic_popsync (very short, electric piano, neutral tone)
shortmusic_sadgoodbye (same as music with same name)
shortmusic_sunrise (short, cheerful, acoustic guitar, flute)
shortmusic_sunset (fingerpicked guitar, flutes, synthetic strings, rising progression, cricket sounds)
shortmusic_sunshinepop (strong positive beat, similar to Owl City, allows for a slightly longer transition)
shortmusic_tvbreak (super short, skipping beat, ascending and then ends on a suspended chord, trans)
shortmusic_tvintro (similar to shortmusic_tvbreak, except descending and no suspended chord, trans)
shortmusic_tvshow (sounds like a clip from the Clifford show, cheerful, very short)
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Part 3

shortmusic_yogi (descending sitar scale and synthetic choir chord, zen-like, yes the title does say yogi instead of yoga)
shh_short (shorter version of hush)
siren_tornado (strange siren that is close to a firetruck siren, but obviously meant for a specific circumstance such as a natural disaster)
spokenfemale_ew (a very disgusted reaction from a female)
spokenfemale_umhm (“um, mmhm”)
spokenmale_ha (an awkward laugh from a man ending in what sounds like “yeah”)
spokenmale_hey (flirtatious introduction)
spokenmale_talk (nonsense syllables)
spokenmale_umhm (an uncertain agreement with emphasis on the “um” and ending with a confused “hm?”)
spooky_lounge (electric piano syncopated chords, suspended symbol and light snare, spooky synth melody)
static (self-explanatory, perfect for jumpscares)
stinger_catwalk (definitely a tv show transition, short electric piano clip)
stinger_nightlife (walking bass, electric piano arpeggiated chords, descending, cool-sounding)
strings_tense (tremolo on one note)
swell_eerie (sound of a spaceship, very difficult to describe, short)
talk_excited_female (a happy “ah!”)
talk_female (sounds like an intrigued “who said that?”)
talk_gossip_female (nonsense words in a conspiratorial tone)
talk_greet_female(sounds more like “ey” like the first part was cut off)
the_bwham (a weird electronic twang, very short)
thud (a muted base drum hit)
thwack (muted snare drum hit)
timpani_boing (impact and then pitch slide up, cartoon sound effect)
traffic_jam_lp (horns and car noises emphasized, some chatter)
train_running (train going over tracks, short, needs looping)
trans_big reveal (three solid bass drum beats with suspended symbol, increasing intensity)
trashrummage (definitely sounds like someone rummaging through a small trashcan)
treadmill (someone running on a treadmill, very long)
trombonedetune (sliding pitch on a trombone, cartoon sound effect for sadness or failure)
turnon_TV (TV being turned on)
vamp_neg (slow piano chords like easy-listening jazz, drum kit, arpeggiated piano melody, full song)
vamp_neg_short (nearly 10 measure section of the longer song)
vamp_neutral (drum kit with lots of suspended cymbal, ascending progression electric piano chords, piano and synth flowing descant, long)
vamp_neutral_short (not much shorter than the other version, cuts off before the flowing descant)
voices_nextdoor (very muffled voices as if one has their ear to the door, is underwater, or has covered their ears with their hands in a crowded room)
walkietalkie_static (exactly like it looks, brief, works well for both walkie-talkies and crackly radios)
walla_youngpeople (conversation that almost sounds like Spanish, but is likely nonsense words spoken with Latino accents and pacing, only clearly discerned word is a female “huh?”)
whipsnap (cracking whip)
whistle_flirt (a catcall)
wolf_howl (spooky wolf howl)

All of these should have what they also sound like.

Originally Made By: @stargirlsnr


Thanks for this!


How do you input the sound

You put sound [sound_name]

EX: sound door_knock


Thank you !

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This is great! Is there a sound or music for like a coffee machine? So, in a coffee shop when they’re making the drinks, is there a sound for that?

Thanks a lot for this!

I know it’s late, but yes there is! It’s called espressomachine

Hi, How are you guys?
Can anybody tell me… Is there a smaller version of timpani_boing? Like the one we hear in movies and shows. Timpani_boing makes sound “dhauing”. Where as the one i heard in shows… the smaller version that makes sound like “toing”, tiny and smaller in length.

Please tell if you know of any similar sound available in episode.

What is the mood down sound? It sounds like boop and people use it while the character’s mood is down:)) i found it everywhere