A List of Bugs I'm Experiencing7

I’m not sure if it’s just my phone or if this is happening for everyone reading my story. If it is the latter, is there a way to put my story on hold so that these bugs can be dealt with? The errors are occurring in the factors that really “make” my story. Anyway, here are the errors I’m experiencing, specifically, in my story “Find Your Voice.” I know coding is not the problem; everything on this list had worked fine for some time after I created the story, but now after reading through it after I think two or three months of not working on it:

:black_small_square:Music is not playing
1. music_pleasantpulse
2. Amb_Stadium_Calm_03b
3. music_dramaticballad
4. music_acousticjam
5. ext_campus_day_busy
6. chatter
7. music_danger
8. music_serioushouse
9. music_showdown
10. music_spanishgroove
11. music_clubrap
12. music_90shiphop2
13. music_kpop

:black_small_square: Music fade ins and fade outs are not working. Music just cuts off or turns on at 100% volume.

:black_small_square:Overlay is halfway cut
1. The bottom left corner of one of my overlays is being hidden behind a character or cut off while the other side is still visible. Like the two halves are in different layers. When the episode zooms in on it though, it comes back.

:black_small_square:Props are either disappearing during actions or not appearing at all
1. Cup Plastic Red
2. Sheet Paper White
3. Clip Board Brown Tan

:black_small_square:Skin tones are darker (which isn’t really too bad of a problem, and I know you guys already know about it.)

UPDATE (2 hrs later): after working on my story, the music is now working but the sound effects are not.

None of mine are working either :frowning:

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