A litle bit of trouble with this overlay (NEVERMIND SOLVED)

Hey, so how can I avoid this from happening? I used two overlays the same amount of times but it’s this one that has this warning.

Maybe with the beginning of the choice you don’t need use &

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Yeah that didn’t help lol

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U created the same overlay two times? I cant do that…I just have found an overlay duplicate code. But havent tried yet

Can you show more script? I had this problem too.

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&zoom on 356 435 to 262% in 0

(Gosh was he |bold, italic| this big of an a**hole before?)

choice “Match his attitude” {

@CECE -5

@COLE -1

&overlay SPOILED BRAT create

&overlay SPOILED BRAT opacity 100% in 2

&CECE faces right

    CECE (talk_armscrossed_condescending_loop)
I think I missed the part where I asked if you can speak to me like that.

&overlay SPOILED BRAT opacity 0% in 1

@pause for 1

&CECE is eyeroll_subtle


} “Keep it simple” {

&overlay REDEMPTION create

&overlay REDEMPTION opacity 100% in 2

@CECE +5

@COLE +1



&CECE faces right

    CECE (talk_armscrossed_shrug_neutral)
I'm going out.

    CECE (talk_apathetic)
Is it not |color:white, shadow:black| clear |reset| with my outfit.

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