A little advice for when you promote your story

I know what it means when you try to promote your story to get someone to read it, really, and I know that you copy and past your stories details in every topic about promotion, but you should read at least the description first (and not ignore it).
For example if someone is willing to read stories but ask a specific genre or style posting your story that isn’t what he asked won’t get you more views.
I have a topic where authors can post their stories and I read and review the stories on my instagram page, the only thing I asked is to write the details in a specific way (not so different from the one that authors usually it not that I need the Instagram name) and to follow me on my Instagram account. Just this.
Now, I really do like reading and reviewing stories, I wouldn’t do it if i didn’t, but I’m considering quitting because many authors don’t do what I ask.
I know that it could sound like I’m overreacting and I’m probability are, but I don’t have so much time, and if I have 2 hours to play episode and I have to spend the first half hour asking people to follow me (one thing that I hate beacuse I feel rude) or searching the author’s profile on Instagram because he didn’t write it in the details and so on… you will understand that I won’t have much time to read and write something about the story.
It gets really frustrating.
Sometimes I thing “I’ll just read my favourite stories with the passes I have” then I remember that without that topic I wouldn’t have discovered my favourite stories and I go on, but really guys, read the descriptions of the topic.

Sorry if I sounded rude, I’m just very frustrated.


Yeah right, or just dont put ur story in a thread that you know ur story got smth the person wouldnt like

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I feel u. Ur passes are precious too haha… Maybe u can read the stories of authors who follow ur rules and ignore those who don’t follow the rules. With this u will have passes for ur favourite stories too! :heart:

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I found another compromise, I have 4 passes and I do reviews of just the first 3 episodes, so instead of doing 2 reviews each time I do one review and spend the other passes to read my stories :slight_smile:

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I advatise a lot, but not in forums there dont fit my story. if it kinda do but no completely, then I ask if its alright to post it, or I post the story but I say what part it dont have. depend on how much it fits

maybe you should just add, not adding it properly means you will be ignored for a review,

but I get it, I dont do review, but I do art, they are the one asking for free art, I provide a list with all the details I need, then how come I still has to ask for them to give it. do they think I can magically make a cover appre with out knowing what it shall look like?

I had a few times where I ask for the details and they straight up ghost me. they came to me, they ask for help. I need the details to help. and someone how me asking for details is considered rude in there mind.

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Exactly! And art is more difficult than reviews so I can get how frustatimg it is for you

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