A little bit of story advice

Hi everyone!
I’ve recently been developing a new story idea to be released after Accidentally Royal and I wanted to ask for some feedback on the plot line for it. I’m a little bit unsure as to whether it may be a little bit of a cliche storyline.
One thing I will say it that I’m a total sucker for romance and often find myself falling in love with every love interest I meet in a story. And so I thought why not try my own romantic story.

Here’s the basic plot line:

A broke girl. A rich man. She works as a waitress at his strip club. But her only job seems to be keeping him away from her fragile heart.

So as you can guess it’s a story about a girl who works for a rich man and they’re supposed to fall in love even if he’s a complete player. And so you may see my concern. Is it too cliche? Or do you think it would be enjoyable?
One other thing I’m a little concerned about is whether it could be another writers storyline as im not sure, I’ve never read anything like this but episode is a large community and there are a lot of stories. I’d hate to copy someone else’s work as I know how much hard work goes into each episode. So if you know of any stories that follow the same plot line I’d greatly appreciate it if you could let me know!!

Thank you

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Hi Angel! While this story does fit the cliche for most stories, those types of stories are well received. Maybe one thing that could make your story different is to not have the girl “fix” the guy. Their romance can be more of an enemies to lovers as she dislikes how poorly she’s paid and how cocky he is. She could blow up at him, he could step back and do some self improvement and come back a new (and more charitable) man. I don’t see this often, but I feel like it’s more realistic and could really give some good twists and turns… while avoiding harmful stereotypes against women AND men. IDK - it’s all up to you, though !

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Sounds interesting, I would read it. I wouldn’t worry too much about copying someone else’s story since a lot of stories follow the same cliche, just as long as you throw in something original since those make the story extra juicy and stand out to the reader more instead of just getting lost in a sea of cliches.

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Ah yes thank you! I was definitely thinking about adding a few original twists and turns and I think that having him change himself is such a good idea so thank you so much for that! I’m definitely going to try to avoid gender stereotypes being a big big feminist haha!

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Thank you! I do agree there are a lot of cliches out there haha! I’m going to try my best to keep them out of my story even if the story line is one big cliche. But I’m definitely thinking more comedic with some twists and turns! Thanks for the reassurance on not copying other writers though!