A little confused on how to use a tappable dressing game temp!

Hi, I’m trying to use Dara.Amarie’s dressing game temp that’s tappable (the heart one) And I’m kind of confused what to write in place of the hashtags she put here:

Please help, if you can!


The hashtags are just like notes / messages saying what to do . U just need to edit it to your outfit and char . So for that one it’s just saying to edit the @CHAR changes into outfitname

Hope this helps and clarifys


To add to what Catniss said, you don’t need to worry about those lines because they actually won’t have any effect on your script. You can keep those as is (which will also serve as great reminders anyway) if you’d like to. Anything in your donacode scripts that have hashtags at the beginning and appear gray in color in your portal will be treated like a “note to self” rather than a command. (:


Here it says that the hashtags mark where the outfit name goes, so do I delete wherever there are ##### and write the outfit name or do I write the outfit name underneath? I’m a little confused with this :sob:

The hashtags are just there as like a message to u . U can delete them and just below where it has @CHAR changes into outfitname. Adjust it so it’s ur character.

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Ohh I see, thank you so much :sob: I keep overcomplicating simple things it’s really annoying but thank you^^

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No worries it’s just like if you want to make not to yourself without the coding being like unexpected garbage or smth like that so u can have it like.

#add template made by bla bla bla

#######make sure to adjust ol and continue on with story and have char go to the movies

Or smth like that u can use 1 hashtag or many dosent matter


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