A little help here!

So, I was wondering how do you make an outline of an character? I made a thread about this, but i didn’t really get any responses on it. Could someone help me out?
I have Ibis paint x. Any recommendations?

I can

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Thank you! So, what do i do?

After u add ur picture turn the opacity on that layer

Um…how do I do that?

Oh ok one sec

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First click the little box

Ok, I did that

Then the camera

Then pick the picture from ur camera roll

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Ok, what’s next?


If u hold the picture then drag it it. Should move down to the bottom like this

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Ok, I did that

Then that slider that’s circled if u slide it to the left the opacity will go down

Then u click the top box to select that layer

Ok, I did that

Then u outline the character(s) lol I did a mini sketch

What pen/pencil size do you outline with?

Well I use dip pen (hard) on 1.0 - 2.0

After that if u open that box at the bottom and click the eyeball

The picture disappears

Ok. Thank you for this!