A little help needed again moving characters


so as you can see i have the girl walking to zone 3

what i no want is that she turns and goes to the locker with an envaloppe in her hand but i dont know ho to do that, can someone help.



@SABINE spot x y z AND SABINE faces right AND SABINE is idle_hold_envelope


what is x y z what do i say in between them.


like spot 1.345 87 5


yes but she has to go more to the lockers she is too far from them.


first spot her and then zoom


That is chinese for me lol :hushed:



Thanks but i know to do spots in a new scene, but not while there walking to it, and there i find no explanaition for :grinning::joy:



sorry did not help me i can’t get it done, but thanks for the help …:sunglasses:


What’s the issue exactly?


i wanted a person x standing in front of the lockers but the lockers are in the back so i wanted here afeter saying something moving to the lockers to put something in it.


now i have an other problem, with correcting a script i accidently put on something and now my whole writhing portle is more little i can’t practicly not see what i write???


Refresh the page.
In order to make a character in walk to a distant point, you just have to walk to the spot.


i know but you have to know first where the spot is, i think i need to find it by zooming in on the picture first but i am a too newby to do that stuff already…


Click directing helper on the web previewer then click on spot helper


Yes you need to find the spot and the guide that @Apes provided you helps you do that.