A little help? Please

Do you know if I can use like the “middle zone”? Like, I dont wanna use zone 1 or 2, I want to use the middle?
If so… whats the code?

you’ll have to download the background and crop it, then upload it again :confused: i could help if you’d like?

Yes thanks! The background is “INT. CAFETERIA TABLE OL - DAY”.
But if I use the @pan, can I use the middle part without using a new background?

yes you can! however the camera won’t stay at that spot

which area do you want?

yeah I was thinking but that… My only problem with cropping the background is that it has the overlay…

you could just change the position of the overlay i guess

you can use zoom for it but it is but tricky.
if you are in zone 2 or 3 and zoom a bit (not using focuse) the camera goes bit to the left and shows the middle zone.
Do not use the focuse button it will reset it to the zone border.
once you see enoug you can manually adjust the hight (if it is not zoomed exactly where you wanted) - simply by changing the zoom high number in the code.

it work from zone 3 to zone 2
and from zone 2 to zone 1

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