A little help with INSTAGRAM please?

I’m pretty new to instagram, and are trying to figure out how it works…

I made an instagram profile in my native language (Danish) and now I wonder if people from other countries can read it in their language, I mean are you able to get a translation from Danish to your own language.
The reason I ask, is that when I see profiles in other language, some of them can be translated into Danish and others can not.

So, Will one of you guys check out my profile @selvvaerdkstedet and tell me if the posts can be translated into your language? Thank you.

I’m getting it in a different language however I could translate your bio to English; I suggest writing it in English if you’re aiming for an audience who speaks English to be attracted to your IG page and you can set the language to Danish for IG (if you go to account, then language, this can be done-this means everything will appear in Danish for you but not for us, hope this makes sense) :sweat_smile:

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Hi Jem! Thank you so much, you are always ready to help out :heart:.
When you say you are getting it in a different language, does that mean you get it in your language or in a totally different language?

Since you’ve written it in Danish, that’s what i see it in. but i’m able to translate your bio into English (sometimes translations can be off though). I would suggest for you to re-write it in English. And put your IG in Danish by going to account, then language, so the app will be in Danish only for you but when people check out ur profile, they see english.

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Okay now I understand, thanks.
I’m not sure if I want to make the account in all English or maybe split it up in two different accounts. I’ll have to think about that.

No problem, do what makes you happy :+1: :revolving_hearts:


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