A little help with my story PLEASE

I’m having trouble with getting my story to start off
The name of my story is Intoxicated I want it to be a fantasy drama story kind of surrounded around a pink loving rich girl type of thing. Almost around a fabulous life that’s mixed with evil and maybe creatures I need help I never know how to start it off please and thanks :slightly_smiling_face::heart:

That sounds really interesting! Something that always helps me figure out what to write is by drawing a sort of spider diagram to brainstorm. For example:

  • If MC is aware of existing evil creatures
    – She constantly refers to them or “jokes” about them, but everyone doesn’t take her seriously because she’s always dramatic.
    – Someone (who is also somewhat aware) actually takes her seriously but she just laughs it off because it could be dangerous if someone knew she was aware.
    – She could have some past with some evil creature that she’s trying to forget. So in turn, she’s trying to be as non-evil as she can, just enjoying her life. Always taking time for herself, always using bright colours, always avoiding trouble, always playing dumb to avoid said trouble, etc.

  • If MC starts as unaware of existing evil creatures
    – She starts off as a diva, not really taking anything seriously, but over time, she gets increasingly paranoid about things around her, becomes stressed over small things. Maybe she experienced something supernatural, or maybe she’s having unexplainable dreams.
    – Perhaps there is a disguised creature that’s in her life (part of her family, a close friend, etc) who doesn’t want to be evil, but hides their identity. MC finds out and gets scared, becomes afraid of this creature because it was able to manipulate her into believing that they were human.

This is all I’m able to think of from the top of my head, though I’m not sure if this is what you’re looking for! Feel free to use anything I’ve written here, but if you’re still stuck, try to just take some time to brainstorm a bit. Or read other fantasy/drama type stories for inspiration!

Thank you so much this helped me think of my beginning & made me think of ways to put it in my story​:heart::hugs:

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Many good stories starts in the future and then jump back to the past.
I think that would fit this story well if your MC didn’t know about magic, werewolves, vampires etc. before.

OR she could wake up with no memory in the hospital or something, unaware that she had abilities or something:) She could have had some kind of mission in the human world, but then a terrible accident happened and her memory is gone,
Maybe she would have been adopted and lived a normal UNTIL…

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Okay thanks I’ll keep this in mind :heart:

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