A little message for the Magicka Contest

As you all heard the news, Zero has finally got 100 reads to go through the next stage. I would like to thank EVERYONE who helped my little superhero get to that stage. I’m truly grateful. I would also like to thank people who pointed out technical errors in the story which enabled me to fix them in time. Really hope that hasn’t voided my entry as I was only fixing glitches. That mainly included removing tappable interactions which some android users experienced and repositioning a few overlays and characters so people on iPad can get the same experience too. I had no idea IPAD had a different view and I will remember that for future stories.

Thank you a million for getting Zero to the next stage in the contest. In my eyes, I already won even if the story doesn’t get shelved. Those hard working reviewers will need a good laugh going through the entries especially under the current circumstances. In my eyes, I have already won the contest, by bringing laughter and smiles to the hard working reviewers. Thank you all again!
Zero Douchebag signing out!

@Liz @Tyler @Sydney @Nick


yay, awesome!

Thank you Lana! Thank you so much for YOIR help!

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Np. :wink:

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