A little problem in here


What can I do that the error goes away:



I can’t see the picture



I would say add some dialogue before you use goto


Like the error message says, you can’t end the episode with just a background name. You need to add some dialogue or a pause or anything after the background name.


I did and now i get more errors;


After the narrator says, “Are you happy with your choices?” before using goto add some dialogue in between there


What is there…


it says that i duplicate the label dress game, is that because i use it 2 times in one episode? What can i do about it?



I don’t know then.
Go here & see if this can help


that would not help because it is a label dressing game, @Dara.Amarie or @Apes do you know x


You can’t use the same temlate twice in 1 episode because it will create duplicate labels. You can either find another different template, or change all the labels for the 2nd template


Our i can create anneke s clothes without the reader can do it.


i think it is the only solution…


Screenshot_4 I’m assuming you’re still working on the chapter. Go ahead and put a narrator box with some filler in there. Once your episode is complete you shouldn’t have that problem.