A little question on chapters release

Hi! I am new writer and I only published 4 chapters of my new story The Exes Beach House. If I noticed that I would like to add character customization AND the warning for mature themes and language, can I add it in the first episode? Will the people who already read the first chapters be obliged to replay them in order to see the changes?

Yeah if you do changes to the first chapter then only new readers are seeing the changes.

But the people who have read past chapter 1, won’t have to reread the chapters. They just won’t be able to see the changed you made. Unless they for some reason decide to read your story again, only then can they see the changes.

I revamped my story and fixed some chapters. I thought people need to read all chapters all over again but they didn’t. But now the old readers don’t know about the changed I made. So I think it’ll be the same for your story.

Thanks! So maybe I add customization in chapter 1, plus only 25 people read it 'till now, so it’s not like many readers will be disappointed