A little reminder

It’s okay to not have every detail of your story planned out.
It’s okay to not write some days.
It’s okay if your first story isn’t the best(they usually are not)
Take a break and don’t forget to find happiness in the little things❤


True :two_hearts:

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So true. I’m working on five of my own stories, three stories for customers, I work in 2 art shops, I have school, I own a coding class with four courses, I work as an outfit designer for others, I am currently in three courses, two for edits and pne for drawing and I have my personal life.
I recently took a break from my stories to finish current requests and I must admit, I’m still full.

Anyone else with the same problems? Or similar?


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Haha yes

I really want to code and sometimes do it

God knows how many art shop’s I’m in lol

Got too many requests

Practicing edits

Practicing Drawing

Also personal drama and life