A Living Room Spotting Template

Can someone make me a Limelight spot template for this living room background?

I will credit you!

Let me see what I can make. I’m currently working on another, but this one should be easy

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I just would like a simple spot template for this background.

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In all zones? And how many characters?

Yes, in all 3 zones and I would like to have about 10 characters.

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Okay, got it I’ll make it rn

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is it solved or do you still need help?

I still need help.


&BACK1 spot 0.545 260 253 in zone 1 AND BACK1 is idle_sit_neutral_loop AND BACK1 faces left AND BACK1 moves to layer 1
&BACK2 spot 0.721 196 185 in zone 1 AND BACK2 is talk_neutral_loop AND BACK2 faces left AND BACK2 moves to layer 2
&BACK3 spot 0.714 123 184 in zone 1 AND BACK3 is idle_armscrossed_neutral_loop AND BACK3 faces right AND BACK3 moves to layer 3

&BACK4 spot 0.665 88 194 in zone 2 AND BACK4 is idle_armscrossed_shifteyes_loop AND BACK4 faces left AND BACK4 moves to layer 1
&BACK5 spot 0.721 42 171 in zone 2 AND BACK5 is talk_smile_happy_loop AND BACK5 faces right AND BACK5 moves to layer 2
&BACK6 spot 0.714 143 174 in zone 2 AND BACK6 is think_rubchin AND BACK6 faces left AND BACK6 moves to layer 3
&BACK7 spot 0.570 271 231 in zone 2 AND BACK7 is rear AND BACK7 faces left AND BACK7 moves to layer 1

&BACK8 spot 0.665 170 192 in zone 3 AND BACK8 is listen_nod_neutral_loop AND BACK8 faces left AND BACK8 moves to layer 1
&BACK9 spot 0.721 92 168 in zone 3 AND BACK9 is idle_shiftweight_neutral_loop AND BACK9 faces right AND BACK9 moves to layer 2
&BACK10 spot 0.714 245 168 in zone 3 AND BACK10 is talk_handsonhips_neutral_loop AND BACK10 faces left AND BACK10 moves to layer 3


Thank you so much!

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Happy to help

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