A lost a story that I hope to find :,)

Hey guys I was wondering if you guys know this story by chance, I can’t find it anywhere. It’s not from episode themselves it was made by a creator whom which I do not remember. It was about a girl from Britain and her dad is the mafia of the British (he is known as the devil if I remember correctly) but she moved to New York and lives with someone her dad “trust” to find out he is another mafia capo of the Italian American in New York I think, and I’m pretty sure his name is Matteo. There was only one LL.
I remember the character was also some kind of fighter I think something like, “amate the destroyer” (I’m pretty sure that name is wrong) but yeah that’s all I can remember of what happened.

Pls help me find this :slight_smile:

That story is no longer on the app (:

Really?! Awe I really liked it, well thank you for letting me know, have a great day!

I’m hoping you know what story I am talking about so I am looking for this story about a brother doing a job for the mafia and he had to bring his sister with him and they went to a hotel and she met the mafia leader I believe his name might have been either Elijah or hunter and there was this girl who was obsessed over the mafia leader and the girl who was obsessed with him is named Katrina she set the sister up and the sister had to run away and hide. The mafia leader was trying to find her and couldn’t find her. I know it has 63 episodes in it. I hope u can find it because I really love that episode. :slight_smile:

I think it’s Hunting Bad by Hope Moon

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Yeah it’s Hunting Bad