A loyal and dedicated writing partner in need!

Hello! I am working on my ‘‘first’’ real story (first one was a real flop lol), called Wishes Passing. I would like to have person who is 15 or older. I am pretty new for this kind of thing, so I would like to have partner who knows these kinds of things. I already do have 3 episodes of this current story, but I have little problems to continue. So this person has to know the basics ( or more) of spot directing, zones, zooms, overlays, plot development and character development and normal things you need to know writing a story. But for your information, I have worked on these episodes for like 5 months? So that is why I need person to help me so I can make the chapters quicker. I, myself can handle the basics and a little more on writing and directing, just looking for a person who can write with me an awesome story! And it would be nice if you aren’t that busy at this moment, so we can discuss and make the story continue ! + You probately can see that my english isn’t perfect due that I am not native speaker, I would like to have one who can speak english well :slight_smile:

So if you '‘fill’ up with these criters (? :D) and have sense of humor with you, please contact me! <3

@Anniihp My name is Alexandria but my name on here is LexiWolves I am 18 and I would love to help you on your story I am the author of the story Dragon-Fire Shadow Phoenix Pack and I am a loyal and dedicated writer to episode and I would like to help you just private message me and we can get started.