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There are so many people who make backgrounds, or make splashes, anything, really. And I understand you all mean good when recommending sites to use, but can I just say, I had to learn the hard way 3D render sites all have something called royalty-free license and delete all my backgrounds previously.
Alright, let’s go through this step by step.
Step 1:
Every time you find an image on google, remember not first to immediately drag it to your desktop or do whatever it is but click on the website. As you will see, most likely it will be from a blog, a webpage that gives these type of images, or a shopping website.
I cannot stress this enough.
If it is a shopping website, it is probably not for commercial use! Blogs- uncertain, and I don’t know, but it is their image, and if it doesn’t say so, they didn’t say yes, so don’t use it. Image sites-
Here are the recommendations.
Stay safe with Pixaabay and Pexels. They are brilliant sites.
You might think:
Well, it doesn’t have that box that says personal use, what license, or commercial use, which you can find on 3d rendered websites-
which brings us to step 2:
Check the Terms of Service. If it’s a professional blog, a 3D rendering website, a shopping site, an image use site-
IT WILL DEFINITELY have a part that talks about the images on that site used and if you can use them or not.
Amazon (In case you didn’t know)
Or a cooking blog that tells you how to make chocolate cupcakes with a really nice picture of it
SO, if it doesn’t have on, well they didn’t say you can use it for commercial use either.
Simple. And The terms of service is usually at the bottom of the webpage, along with the FAQ and phone number and all that,
Step 3:
This isn’t a step, but a precaution. Changing the color of something, removing the background, is still the same. They didn’t say you could modify it. If you’re too lazy, you can always use Google advanced search. You can tick the number of boxes- where it excludes not commercially free items, etc, but sometimes, they might slip up and I don’t recommend it.
Other examples of WHAT not to use:
Say you were watching a nice short film that was animated and it was 3D rendered and it looks great.
Nonono. DO not screenshot it and decide to use it, even if you change the color, or remove the background-
If you scroll down to their bio, you can see something called creative commons license- usually Creative Commons license zero. What it means is basically that the artists or people who made this have the right to have creative control, and they have recognition for their work.
Easy definition: You can’t use it.
So there you go. You can get in a lot of trouble with this, even if the overlay or background makes it past, if episode finds out- just don’t risk it,
For example, I’m pretty sure you can’t just make a random story about Demi, and Episode had to talk to them about it (because they mentioned they don’t put special hairstyles or items or backgrounds from other stories about that tv showss, or celebrities, ec… since it’s in the agreement)
Thank you! And try not to make that mistake!

- Cinnamon Toast :bread:

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P.S I’m probably going to use this detailed thread sometimes by linking it to other topics because it takes a while to explain to others why using images off Google is wrong…:wink:
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I use google advanced search most of the time, and I double check to make sure it’s a stock photo. (I only use this though if I’m really lazy or haven’t found anything on a stock photo site)


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Thank you for making a thread about this, we should all be informed about these because mistakes can always happen.

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yep, i did a thread on this n i made A BIG mistake, so i am patiently waiting on the owner of a background i used which was NOT PUBLIC DOMAIN, to respond back to me.


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Thank you for this, Toasty! Just saw this now…you helped me a lot! :yellow_heart:


I basically pay to be able to use other people’s images, which I don’t mind, if they work their ass making it they should get something back.


I made a background and I remember sharing it onto this group chat, I paid to use a counter top and then the next day I find out this girl in the group chat basically used my image to get the counter top. I’ve reached out to her, and notified the actual creator, but I’ve got no reply from her. Now that is why I’ll never share my own backgrounds.


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Wait, why?
Did you use copyright websites for images?