A Mothers Secret: COVER CONTEST (2 days left get your covers in)


Hello everyone and welcome to the cover contest for A Mothers Secret.

Both large and small covers

Collaborating with @kalanisantino

Password to enter:


It will be written in limelight style

You can design the cover as you wish but must include:

  • Title - A Mothers Secret

  • Authors name - Nicole And Kalani

  • These Characters Must Be In 1 of the Covers
    The Mother age 37
    Skin - neutral 3
    Brows - arched natural black
    Hair- long straight with bangs platinum blonde
    Eyes - deepest almond blue
    Face- triangle defined
    Nose - Grecian soft
    Lips - medium heart natural deep red matte

Sister (mother’s sister) age 34
Skin - natural 3
Brows - arched thin high
Hair - short Pixie
Eyes - deepest downturned green
Face- square mature
Nose - Grecian soft
Lips - medium thin rose gloss

Twin 1 age 21
Skin - rose 4
Brow- round thick
Hair- slickedback solid black
Eyes - monolid slender blue
Face - diamond soft
Nose - hooked Grecian
Lips - full heart natural deep biege neutral

Twin 2 age 21
Skin - rose 4
Brows - round thick
Hair - make generic black
Eyes - monolid slender blue
Face - diamond soft
Nose - Grecian soft
Lips - full heart deep biege neutral

  • You Can Make Your Own Outfits And Pose

Story description
A Mother fakes her death after giving birth to twins so she can go and live happily ever after with her new billionaire boy friend who doesn’t want children so her sister was left to raise the twins but will it all be happily ever after…


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Sorry just updating the description no the mother and sister are sister’s :grin:


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