A New Complete List Of Everything! PARTIALLY OPEN (:

Some more useful art shops :)

The Silvers Art Shop (OPEN & HIRING ARTIST ONLY !)
Katherine's Art Shop (Character Card/ Mood board/ Story Card/ Banner) πŸ‹ [Open]
Lovers or art shop (open)
πŸ’• Simply2basic artsy shop πŸ’• (FREE & Open) (edited covers, character cards, splashes & much more!)
πŸ“ Ultimate List of Backgrounds and Overlays Editors / Creators!
Photoshop techniques every Episode editor should know! +get help
Teen Queens Art Shop πŸ’–- {OPEN AND FREE}
Queen of Hearts Art Shop! ❀
🍁 the toronto art shop 🍁 {OPEN FOR BUSINESS}
Our Little Shop [Open]
🌊 Waves Art Shop 🌊 {OPEN & FREE}
Animal Lover Art Shop (OPEN!)
-Laila's Art Shop βœ¨πŸ‚(Covers, Art Scenes, Outlines, Splashes, Pfps) [OPEN]
Luisa’s Art Shop πŸͺβ›„οΈπŸŽ„[Free And Open Also Hiring!)
✨Arielle’s Art Shop✨ (OPEN)
π‹π¨π¬πžπ«π¬ 𝐚𝐧𝐝 π‹π¨π―πžπ«π¬ 𝐀𝐫𝐭 𝐒𝐑𝐨𝐩
✨ Enchanting Art Shop! ✨ (OPEN + FREE))
[OPEN] Reference Pose Shop! (The first of its kind!) :clapping:
πŸ’™ Jade's Art Shop πŸ’™ (Limelight & Ink - OPEN)
[OPEN (Only for edited requests!); Free] Ness' Art Shop πŸ™ƒπŸ₯° {Edited & Drawn}
Clevertimes' Art Shop
OPEN Becca's Overlay Shop (free)
Lost Art Shop πŸ”ͺ🌸 [OPEN, NOT HIRING ATM]
Alicia and Melly's Art Shop! :blob_hearts: (OPEN) ✨
Tiny's Art shop!
Messy οΌ‘ο½’ο½” Shop {OPEN}
✨ Epi Lair Art Shop ✨ Open!
πŸ‘‘ Epi Meraki's Shop! πŸ‘‘ [OPEN/FREE]
Arch's Commission Art Shop [OPEN]
BlueSnowFlake’s Art Shop [OPEN]
Cotton Candy Art Shop (OPEN!) πŸ¦‹
Black Dust Art Shop [OPEN]