A New Feature is Coming to Episode!

Hi everyone!

With the release of 22.80, we will be introducing a fun new way to engage with your fellow Episodians within the game! We also will be changing how we present the navigation bar.


With this release, the expandable menu will move from the top left down to the bottom of the app. Now, you’ll see home, search, book club, and offers along the bottom of the screen. We know this will take a bit of getting used to, but we do hope this will be an overall better change for ease of use! Just like with Book Clubs (see below), we will be slowly rolling out this feature to players over the next several weeks, but some may already see this change in your app.

Book Clubs

Book Clubs will function similarly to a real life book club where you can join a group and choose what stories to read all together. Each club will have weekly challenges where everyone reading will contribute points towards collecting rewards. These rewards will include things like passes and gems, meaning you get rewarded for reading just like we all already enjoy doing! Book Clubs will also have their own dedicated chats to discuss what to read, what everyone is enjoying, and more.

We will be slowly introducing Book Clubs to the community over the next several weeks to ensure things are working as intended, so don’t worry if you don’t have the feature right away! The initial roll out will be quite small; if and when you do get the feature, please post any feedback you have into our dedicated feedback thread!

Check out some of the screenshots of the feature below:


Feedback Thread: CLICK HERE


Hey All!

Today, we are releasing Book Clubs to a larger portion of the community! Don’t worry if you don’t have the feature right away as we’re getting closer to a full release. Please continue posting any feedback you have into our dedicated feedback thread!

Also, with this latest release, we added the ability for Club Leaders to promote members to Club Officers. Club Officers will have the ability to select bonus stories and remove inactive members. We will have more information coming soon on this one!

Make sure to update your Episode app!