A new forum game. charatere details

so the rules are simple. you ask a question about a character detail. it can be anything, personality, backstory, looks. whatever. and then you ask a new question when you have answered.

you are welcome to ask questions someone already have asked.

and I am gonna add if you wanna answer multiple questions you are welcome too. just quote them. but you shall still reply to the comment over. and leave new questions.

please do not comment with answering the question above you. and please do not comment with adding one. ONLY ONE question.

The most embarrassing thing that ever happened to he®?

What cartoons did they use to watch as kids?
What are their favourite songs and music bands?
If they’d have sort of magic powers, would they use it to help others, to hurt other people or to ease their every day life?

you forgot to answaer the qustion

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Oh, yeah, sorry. Then - I guess the most embarassing of all moments in her life was the time when she went on a school trip and got herself locked in a bathroom.

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She once met her celebrity crush and because she ate too much food she puked on his expensive shoes!

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Question: What is the worst thing your character did?

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question: what pushes their button

Being criticized too often or people hating on others without knowing them.

Question: What is the funniest thing she did?

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