A New, Fun Group!

Hey! Yes, I have been really less active since the past 24 hours. :sweat_smile:

And I’m thinking on making my own group to (A) Have Fun (B) Chat A Lot/ Spill Tea (C.) Share Some Edits with us!!

if you want to join, please leave a reply! There will me multiple rules below!

  1. There will be NO hateful comments towards another user.
  2. If you have your own personal opinion on something, please make a comment ahead of time before you say your opinion.
  3. Ask Permission on doing some stuff you think should be asked first before doing.
  4. If you have drama with anyone, please do not attempt to make anyone else involved!
  5. If you feel as if your being attacked, do not loose your cool, rightfully, PM Me!
  6. If your in another fight with another user, rightfully remove yourself, and don’t go off, or you will be dealt with professionally.
  7. Don’t compare others.
  8. Attempt to not spam a lot. – many of us are in different time zones. –

Here’s some things that will slide through my group!

  1. You Can Cuss
  2. You Can Spill The Tea
  3. You Always Can Be Respectful
  4. You May Always Ask Questions
  5. You May Always Say an Opinion (just not something rude)
  6. You are Free to Do Threads featuring our group with MY permission.
  7. You Can Always do the Daily Memes, or Polls.
  8. You Are Able to Rant
  9. You Can Talk About the Real Life World
  10. yOu aRe aBLe tO aLwAyZ bE yOurSeLf + fEeL aCCePtEd + wILL lOvE yOu nO mAtTer what rAcE, rElIgIoN, cUltUrE, lOvE iNtErSeTS, adn etc – you will always be accepted no matter what :heavy_heart_exclamation:

Feel Free to PM Me with any further questions!

I take full claim on anything since I’d be the owner of…



– i will request to close this thread after I think there is a minimum! –


Joining! :slightly_smiling_face:

Oooh can I join pretty please :pleading_face:

yeppers @Secreterz & @epy.edits

i’ll wait for more tho :heart:

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Heck… I’ll join too.

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waiting for more!

can i join babe? :crazy_face::heartpulse:

um duh :heavy_heart_exclamation:

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if i can get atleast 2 more I can start the PM,

more additional users arre welcomed still :exclamation:

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Can I join please? :slight_smile:

Oof could I join?

yeyee. @writerren & @keiji

im making the PM right now!!

MORE ADDITIONAL USERS CAN STILL JOIN :exclamation::exclamation:


I wanna join :blush:

Can I join?

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