*A New Story :D

Hey, this is my first story The Race Of Life :sunglasses:
I had an idea about 15 years old for a movie but I can not just go to the company and make a movie
So I found Episod even though there is no fa horizontal screen, I hope you enjoy it
Because I do not know it seems to me boring with someone who will read without knowing what the rest of the story is
And I’m sure it’s interesting that’s only the first 5 episodes
I thought about writing everything and then Raise it but ן finally deciding to see how it worked
Because I had an idea that Start middle and end
And as I started to write what I would do, how I would fill it with dialogues. At the end I wrote a word and went out something long
A lot of things that I did not plan that now I can not delete even though ן wanted to upload up 4 but it was too long and certainly you will not continue to Reading seems to me at the end So I cut to 5 I still do not upload just a few more A few corrections I would be happy to have bad comments but with a good wib I have a heart :heart: and who speaks English so I would be happy for the repairs that the story was understandable thanks :grinning:http://episodeinteractive.com/s/6192402006409216

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