A new Story Im Making Called "A Star Born Wild'' And Im Holding Character Sign Ups!


Im Making A story Aout A girl That Has A dream For Singing And i Have No Other Character ideas but i Do Need Two Girls Cause she’s in a Girl Group!Please fill out the forum below and i will respond when i get the chance! (This Story Is In Ink)
Eye Color:
Skin Color:
Face Shape:
Eye Brows:
Lip Shape:
Lip Color:
Hair color:
(also need a love interset)


Sex: female
Eye: upturned luxe
Eye Color: brown
Skin Color: mocha
Nose: elevan
Face Shape: soft heart
Eye Brows: seductive arch
Name: Kamiya
Lip Shape: blossom lips
Lip Color: cherry red
Role: girl that’s in the girl group
Hair: straight
Hair color: black


KK thx I will put her in!


and do a mention




what about the clothes


like the style


and personality


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Personality: Shy, but can get mad when you push my buttons & also love to read
Style: shyish/sexish




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