A New "Trick" when making Outfits!

Thank You LORD for showing me how to do this. :smile:

Ok, IDK if this does/ will work for everyone, but it worked for me.

Do you guys ever make outfits that are incredibly similar to one another? (for EX, say you’re making a school outfit, and you want to make all the available combinations… The quickest way, (before this one) would be to search “school” or “uniform”, and keep adding all of the stuff over and over, then click the “new outfit” button. Well, with this all you have to do is change the name and add your new thing!

Let’s start!
For my story, I wanted to have a scrubs outfit for ever color and for both genders. I didn’t find out about this until AFTER doing the female one, so that did take a bit. (you might think the scrubs might be easy and quick, but I had to add the construction boots each time, and it just became a lazy hassle.)

When I got to the male one, after hitting the save button, I realized something…

As you can see, the place where you can type is still there… (unless you exit the screen).
So what I did, was I changed the scrubs (without having to change the boots he was wearing as it was saved from the last outfit) and changed the name of the outfit…

and it worked! This can be used for copying outfits! (The name on the sidebar will change as well, but it won’t affect your outfit)

The outfits that you use this on will not be shown until after you exit the page, and come back (which is what I did, I did not refresh, but I’m guessing that works too.

And I didn’t have to continuously hit “new outfit” either. It still saved the outfit, and works just fine!
(all except the ones I made before finding out about the hack, were made without clicking the new outfit button.)

Long story short. :thinking:

  1. Make a new outfit

  2. Save it (DO NOT EXIT THE PAGE)

  3. Change the outfit name, and add/ remove what you please…

  4. Save it, and repeat (if needed)

  5. Refresh, or click on the “Back to My Story” button (idk if that’s what it’s actually called, but you know.) (Also for me, the “outfit saved” popup should appear more than once when you click there.)

  6. Go back to the outfits page, and all of your outfits should be shown.

No credit needed for multiple reasons! 1 being the fact that I didn’t find out about this, God showed me how to do it.


Awesome!! :wink:

Is this real

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I wish I could know this before :joy:



If this is real I’m jumping into an ocean from a cliff I’ve spent YEARS DOING OUTFITS


Same :weary:


Same… I’ve spent what feels like hours making the same outfit with a few modifications…

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This :b: will make 14493284293429 outfits now :crazy_face:


I’ve just tried it and works!!! :wink:

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Thanks for sharing, you’re saving us a lot of time -w-

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But it only works with the same outfits like a read it or am i wrong…

Oh wow, this is amazing ^^

God is seriously the best, he helped me improve my coding, I’m so thankful :blush: :sparkling_heart:

Thank you :sparkling_heart: