A new type of contest

So I, after getting some inspiration, decided to bring it to Episode for our community. Now I receieved inspiration from someone on a different site (one used for strictly fanfiction) but I know we can’t write about actual people. (Credit to the story that sparked my inspiration: http://www.onedirectionfanfiction.org/Story/91578/One-Direction-Fanfiction-Exchange/) So, taking the idea and mixing it up, I feel this contest would be really fun for our community to do.

Now all credit goes to the creator of the story I linked above. I personally messaged the creator for permission.

So now that I explained the credit and permission, let’s move on with the contest.


1.Use the form given below to sign up. Write three different prompts/story plots that you want to read about. Those will be sent to another person with your name and username. They will choose one prompt out of those three and write the story; using animations, whatever style you recommended, and directing skills.

2.In return, you will receive the prompts along with the name and username of another person whom you’re going to be writing for.


3.You’ll only know the name of the person you’re writing for, not the person who’s writing for you until all stories have been submitted

4.Please indicate what you don’t want to read or write for preventing you from getting something you’re not comfortable writing.

5.Please also make sure to answer the question that specifies what style you want your prompts to be written in and what styles you don’t/do want to write in

6.Your email (you can give the email when filling out the sign-up form) is where you’ll be receiving your prompts.

7.When you have finished your story/prompt, publish your story with the title and the added #EpisodeExchange simply send me the title or link in the Episode app

8.Once I have all stories, or have what I had been given, I will message each person their dedicated story and inform them of the author of the story

9.If you need to ask questions to specify a plot, message me and I will message your targeted person the question and deliver you the answer so prompts stay anonymous.


  • You can have an original title but add #EpisodeExchange to the end of it
  • A minimum of 3 chapters, each chapter having a minimum of 500 lines
  • You need cover art for your story- and any other art intros/splashes/whatever. If you need help, I make covers and I’ll gladly help out. I’ll post my examples at the end of this thread
  • You must pick 1 prompt and stick to that prompt
  • When I deliver you the prompt to write about, take into consideration what the person requested to NOT read about and avoid writing about the listed topic(s)
  • If you need character names, details, or anything else, message me with your question and the account you’re writing it for, and I will message the account with the question and give you the answer so everything stays anonymous


1.Sign-ups will start on January 12, 2019 . You have two weeks to sign up. Sign-ups end by February 10, 2019

2.Your story needs to have a minimum of 3 chapters and 500 lines per chapter (so it is worth the read)

3.You’ll receive your prompts through an email I shall send out via my email abybauman@yahoo.com

4.You cannot drop out from writing a story once you have received one.

5.Since Episode stories take time, I will wait until all have finished their stories- but I’m putting a final deadline at the mid-way of April. If you feel that isn’t enough time, let me know and I will extend it

If you have any confusions/queries then I’m always here to help.


  • Sign-ups begin January 13th, 2019
  • Sign-ups end February 10th, 2019
  • Prompts/story topics will be delivered by February 13th, 2019
  • Prompts/stories will be due by the mid-way of April- if that isn’t enough time let me know and I will extend it.
  • Prompts/stories will be given to the targeted author by May 3rd, 2019


click this link! Sign-up form



This looks really interesting! I’ll give it a try (and bump this thread while I’m at it).


For name, can I just use my episode name cauz I want to be anonymous.

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Can I put for name: Buffalo Chicken or Zaria Foodlover

Cool :sunglasses::snowflake::cool:

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@Lovelyy_Iqraa, @Allie_Diamond_Epy

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Hey so I write a story for the person I get, right

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I might enter…

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Oh Okay

I give props: This is a very unique and interesting contest.

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I entered!
might be interested???


I love the idea, but I don’t really have time to write more :frowning:


I was wondering did I fill this form? Because I’m not sure if I submitted it.

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I’ll fill it out again then

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I filled it again, can you see it now?

Okay so you’re going to email us who’s story we’re doing?

@lanafrazer_episode maybe you’re interested?

I really hope that your liked my prompts! I love making prompts and had made some prompts before, I edited them until I like them, and then submitted them. I really hope the person who will be writing the prompt really likes it!

Maybe if we still have a short amount of people you could give us multiple options for prompts?

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Is it to late to enter?