A new way to make family members?

So I was just wondering, that instead of adding @familymember changes <feature> into <mc's feature>

in the script after each “changes into” line in the customisation for mc, if we could just write

@familymember becomes MC
at the end of mc’s customisation, then

@family member changes hairstyle to x
@familymember changes eye shape to y

(I don’t know if it’ll work if the family member and mc are of different genders tho. Please let me know!)

Would this work? Or is there another alternative? Sorry if I sound dumb aaah. :pleading_face:

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It only works if the family member and MC are the same gender. Otherwise, as far as I know the “changes into” feature by feature is the only way to customize opposite gender family members.


There’s actually a really great script template for this.

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Oh thanks a lot!! :heart::pleading_face:

Oh that makes sense haha. Thanks!

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