A newbie’s story topics!

So I am brand new to story creation on Episode. I have a million different stories running through my head and I’m so eager to get started I don’t know which to start with.
I’ve considered doing a time travel story. I’m not sure exactly how it’d take place but the MC would some how flash through different times and era’s (as to why or the plot for it yet I’m still working on it)
I’ve thought about doing one involving aliens. Who have come down to “study” the young adults. (Also why or any of that has yet to be determined.
I can think of ones I’d really love to write but I’m sure they’d be “too mature “ for episode. Not that it’d show constant physical activity but it’d be based on a girl who with the wrong choices gets an std. after that scare and moment in her life she realizes that sleeping with random men is not the life she wants. From there she grows as a character and person. Starts her life and career. After that things start falling in place. Once she loves herself someone comes along and shows her how what love really is.
Honestly I don’t know. I just need a solid topic and to go with it.

As someone who has way to many ideas, I’d highly suggest writing all your ideas down the moment you get them because you might forget them later. I think more sci-fi, fantasy, adventure, and horror are needed in episode (plus I really like the alien idea :blush: )

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