A newcomer entering a contest 🤔

How wise is it for a newcomer to jump into a creator’s contest? Would they stand any chance of winning, getting reads, being noticed?

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I think it just depends on how good your coding is. So, you can have a good story line, but if there’s multiple errors, you’ll be less likely to win.


For me to read a story for a creator’s contest, I would really like to see some advanced coding. If you’re a newcomer and you’re gonna try joining a contest, try learning a bit more about the writing portal. I’m pretty sure there are many many talented writers who know advanced directing. But, I encourage the newcomers to join the contest! It helps you improve, whether you win or lose.

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I think a contest can be a great way to get noticed! Like the others said, you’re gonna have to code really well and also have an interesting (and relevant) plot but it’s a win-win situation, honestly. A lot of people go through the contest entries specifically and there’s many looking for hidden gems, too. My first story was a contest entry, and although I didn’t win, it was a great experience that taught me so much. So as long as you don’t think you’ll get discouraged if you don’t win, I think it’s a great idea!


I think the hardest part for a newcomer is getting comfortable with directing/coding. That’s a very steep learning curve when you first start writing on Episode and for contests, people tend to bring their A game.

That being said- I definitely think it’s possible to win with your first story. It might be hard to get the reads initially to move on to the next stage, but a story with good directing and an interesting plot can probably do that with a little forum/IG promotion.

I won a contest with my second story if it helps. My first story (at the time of winning) had like 400 reads and I had hardly any IG followers.


That is so true. You never appreciate the talent this community has until you read their contest entries :heart_eyes:


I always think I’m good at directing, then I read contest entries and I’m blown away :open_mouth:



I was an adventurou basic writer when I entered my first contest. But because I have weird imagination and saw pretty advance directing from other writers I was like…I wanna try that! Oh this idea looks great. Hmmm can i do this? I want to test this idea.
Its all about creativity, adventure and explore your options, test your limits. Dont intend to win but to learn :grin:

Of course I didnt win hahaha but I kept on improving that contest entry like more than 100…testing revamping and now Im proud of it. And I’ll set my furst contest entry as an example for future contest entries.

I believe I only write for contests hahah.


Lol this is me.
Not including my first story, I have two stories that weren’t for a contest. One is a sequel to a contest story and one is a cinematic remake of a spotlight contest story :sweat_smile:


Time to bring this bad boy back…

So! Hit me with your best tips ~