A Nice writing partner

Hey. Last time I did this, I didn’t understand what I wanted. But now I know.
I want a loyal, nice writing partner who is good at WRITING! :slight_smile:
You don’t need to be that good at directing, coding just writing. If you think you have good amount of descriptions and good writing skills, hmu :slight_smile:
You need to be able to talk with me ( skype not necessary if you don’t want to).
I am pretty good ar coding but bad at getting some good lines. I already have a story on a track, that I would like for you to continue with me and help me make it better!


Im interested! I can pm you if you want!

I’m interested

I can help you as I am good at writing… I can show you my examples if you want . I have helped people before… Let me know if you need me… I am comfortable with any social media…

I’m interested