A Overlay That I Can Use

Who have a overlay of a wheelchair that I can use? I will definitely credit you for it!

Hi I can give some to u

Yes, please. I appreciated that.

Ok episode version or realf life because I will try my best but I dont think i can do it

Can it be Episode version, please?

I have one ready, but I will send it only if @Chesirekitten101 is okay with it

I am fine with it go ahead

No need to credit, if you need it on another angle let me know

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Thank you so much and yes can you please do another angle as well?

I have one from the web not sure who created it tho. I’ll post it in about an hour when I can get on my laptop

Alright. Thank you!


not sure if it’s what you are after but here it is :slight_smile:

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That one looks great as well. Hopefully it have another angle to it🤔. But I can’t use someone who create it if I don’t know who to give credit to😔.

i’ll have a look see if I can find the source

I’ve found it quite quickly actually. @LiaMina posted it on here but the original source has come from this website (they are free so you wont run into copyright issues but look for the ones that say commercial use)

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