A Parody? Say It Ain’t So!

Hey all,

In light of some recent happenings, @goth.gaia and a lightning strike of inspiration hit, and I realized that I’ve gotta write the be all end all of Episode cliches/stereotypes. Yeah, that’s right, I’m combining them into one giiiiant parody!

But to do that, I need to know, what are some of the best/worst, favorite/hated cliches/stereotypes you’ve come across on Episode? (that you’d like to see get made fun of)

What about Bad BoyTM quotes? Things like, “you’re not like the other girls.” (But no direct quotes from a story, please! Just paraphrasing would work!)

The parody will be titled “The WORST Story on Episode” and the current description is: “The Bad Boys have taken over, and it’s YOU they want! Can you take the heat or will their passion be too hot??” (Can I do any worse? Anybody get what I just referenced? Lmao)

It’ll include:

  • Cliches! All the cliches! The ones you hate and the ones you probably hate as well!
  • Bad Boys! I’m 200 lines into the first ep and 8 have made an appearance so far!
  • A self insert character! (That’s me!)
  • So many fourth wall breaks.
  • Gratuitous use of the word “like”
  • No actual rule/guideline breaking! And not because Episode would ban me so fast… ha… hahaha…
  • And many more terrible things!

Tell me how I can make this the worst story you’ve ever experienced please.

Finally, to end this, here is some of the worst dialogue I’ve ever written:

(excuse any mistakes please i’m so sleep deprived but i’m so doing this)
(also i’m so sorry for the long af post lol)


OMG you’re actually doing it lmao :rofl: i’m cackling, this is going to be amazing!

oh… sorry…

this is going to be the worst!!! :heart_eyes::heart_eyes::heart_eyes:


Token black best friend; tan-skinned, dark-haired bad boy; customizable MC… yep! Sounds about white!


I’ll try my worst! :heart_eyes:

You think I could add Mr Wiener without getting crap from whoever wrote In My Bed? :joy:


You should put in the regular other bad boy they would fight over and then that gay friend :wink:


But the dIVseRsiTY!!!

He’s tan? That totally makes him a POC :grinning:

(I do plan on addressing that though, and the best friend will have a bigger role to play :relaxed:)


There needs to be TWO BAD BOYS. How do you not have a LOVE TRIANGLE?


Way ahead of you hahah!
What’s better than two bad boys? THREE. It’s going to be a love SQUARE!


NOOOOO. Four. A love pentagon! We love a geometric icon.

Edit: You’re not only teaching kids to love disrespectful boys, but also their shapes!


Four bad boys, one you: Can you handle the hotness? :heart_eyes:


I wish you could add him! I wouldn’t be able to handle the hotness if he made an appearance??? :heart_eyes:
Maybe you could call him Mr Frankfurter instead or something? Mr Bratwurst? lmao :woman_shrugging:


Be careful. The number one lesson is that we can’t have too many authority figures!!!


Rats!!! You’re right!!! :anguished: That would be too realistic!


Wayyyy too realistic!!!

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It has to be set in high school, cause obviously nothing else interesting happens when you’re actually OF LEGAL AGE and in the real world!


What does this mean

You should search for these two threads:

  • List your issues with epy’s cliches
  • Stories we’re sick and tired of seeing in the trending and featured section

I would’ve liked to make them links but I’m on a phone right now so it doesn’t make it an easy task… :sweat_smile:

I believe they’re a gold mine for what you’re looking for (if I understood your post correctly) :blush:


It’d be funny if the bad boy was revealed to be a wimp in the end


The classic; turn nerd into someone hot. You could have them be like: MAKEOVER TIME!!! Then all they do is take off his/her glasses and everyone sees them as “hot”.


Episode characters mostly never address protection when having sex. But we don’t want more sex like that in stories, even in a parody, so you could make them have “unprotected kissing”. And one of the girls would get pregnant from that (or the guy could get pregnant instead and experience all the effects of being pregnant! hmm… but that’s already too original to be a cliché) :sweat_smile: