A partner in crime! Episode Co-Writer wanted!

Are you bored?
Feel like writing an Episode story but just don’t know what to do?
Well, so am I :sweat_smile:
I’ve written a crap ton of stories but I’ve never ever published or completed them…
I’m looking for someone who I can hopefully write a story with!
I’m fairly good at coding (well I’d like to say so…) so if you’re bad at it just lean on me partner!
If you’re good at it that’ll make our work twice as fast!
If you already have a set idea I can help co-write it and everything!
However, I really kinda wanna think of an idea with someone from scratch cause I feel like it’ll be fun!


  1. Make a shared email

  2. Make a shared episode account
    (This all for convenience!)

  3. Hopefully begin writing together, we can use the shared email to, well, email to the shared email :joy:

As you can see I’ve spent waaaaay too much of my time thinking of this…

If you’re cool with all this, please reply!

please :pray:

If you need anyone i’m interested.

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Omg! I definitely need someone!
Do you have an Instagram we can DM on?

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Yeah. it’s jessie_alove

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I just followed! I’m the sketchy account called mekillingtime! It was meant to be an episode account but it was forgotten with time…



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Totally in if you’re interested!

Hi! We’ve already started but if u give me your Instagram I can make a group chat!

same as my username, emmmgrant

are you a private account?