A picture for my story. Help?


I don’t know how to make a picture for my story. Help?


You mean cover??


Yeah. That haha


we Episode Studio can help you


And I’m wondering how I can get people to read my story. I haven’t had any reads yet…


You can share it on Instagram if you have


So do You want us to help you??


I’ve done that. I still havent recieved any views. Is there anything else I could do?
Yeah I want you to help.


Hi hun!

I am the VP for Episode Studio and I do story reviews?

I would read your story, review it and post it on my page whilst tagging you in so others will read it?



Yes! Please I would be very grateful if you did that!


pm me your details plz


Haha. How do I pm you?


Send me a message, go into my profile then press the button MESSAGE


Do I have to go on the app on my phone to message you?


No here


There’s not a message button…



If you click on the profile picture, it brings up a box and on there it will say message hun x


I get that. But that doesn’t show up on mine


do you still need it