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July 17th 1715 - New Providence

It was sunny today - writes twentyfour-yearold Darryl Jefferson, Pirate Captain Michael Daisy’s right hand man, in his diary. And thank god for that - we were stuck at that godforsaken deserted island for almost a week because of the storm and our food supplies had almost run out! I swear I would’ve eaten any of our men if we hadn’t been able to get back to New Providence today. God knows neither I, nor the captain would miss the rest of our crew if we had killed them. Bunch of cowards every one of them! One tiny little storm hits, and they start screaming for their mommies! Once we arrived here, thirteen out of our twenty men said they were going to run a few errands, and then never came back. The Captain and I are both furious! Where have all the strong, fearless men gone? I swear every man nowadays is half man, half woman! Captain says I’ll have to find thirteen new crew-members before sunset tomorrow, when we leave New Providence. I doubt that will go very well. And who knows what will happen when I return empty handed? Maybe I will be served as the captain’s supper tomorrow night?

Welcome to A Pirate’s Life For Me!

In this SG you will follow your own characters as they all embark on a wonderful (or terrible, depending on how qualified your character is for the pirate lifestyle) adventure with the crew of one of the most feared captain of all time - Captain Michael Daisy - aboard the not so cleverly named ship - The Daisy.


  • Please don’t create any more than three characters!
  • When you’ve signed up, I have full control over the character’s backstory etc, and while I can’t guarantee I will portray them exactly as you’ve imagined them, I will try. If I get something completely wrong, though, feel free to contact me.
  • I’m not the most talented writer in the world, and there is a language barrier for me, so please don’t be too harsh on my writing!
  • You need to be very active in this SG, if you character has ignored making a choice I’ve presented to you three times in a row, that character will either be killed off or adopted by another user.



Tagging people who said they were interested/maybe would be interested!

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I’ll reserved for two please!


Reserve for 2!


Reserve for one character!


reserve for one


Reserve for one please


reserve for two!


Reserve for one


Reserve for one please


Just signed up! Looking forward to where you’ll go with this


Are girl characters allowed in this SG?




Submitted a male!


Please submit another faceclaim, the current one doesn’t work.


Ok, should I PM it to you or do you want me to send the link on this thread?


PM me please. :blush:


Faceclaims are done! Or, well, they’ll be updated as new people join, of course. :blush:


reserve for a female


Thinking of closing sign-ups soon, so if you haven’t signed up yet - please do so as soon as possible!

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