A poll about art scenes

What do you think of art scenes in stories?
  • They’re annoying
  • They’re ok
  • I love art scenes!
  • I love art scenes unless I CCed my character

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okay here’s the thing, i like them, but sometimes authors will have me reading for like 5 MINUTES??? like they can’t be to long, but other than that, i love them! and then, when its to long i end up losing interest and i just wanna skip through it :confused:


Same. Or if I did CC. What’s the point in adding CC if the art scenes look crazy different from how I made the character look?


yea! if you plan do use CC in your story, don’t use art scenes. but, if there’s no CC, then totally go for it!!


No customization and art scenes is what I like!

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I love art scenes!! It gives you the value of getting to see what’s actually happening instead of just describing it. The art just makes it seem so real!!

I don’t like most art scenes as they’re are very few authors I find who use them nicely.
For me, I feel like a lot of authors put them in so they don’t have to code, and just have a Narrarator, and they pan from zone to zone for what feels like ever. I usually get bored and click out of the story, and I don’t really read stories if they put Art Scenes in the description.

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It depends, if done right I love them! They really add something to the story. For example, I love the art scenes in the story “Stay the Night” and especially at then end of “Bite your Tongue”. But sometimes authors will make them like so incredibly long and unnecessary which can get a little frustrating.

Don’t love 'em, don’t hate 'em either.