A Proofreader/Co-Author Needed 📈📝!

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A Proofreader/Co-Author Needed :yellow_heart: :love_letter:
I’m a newbie here! So, if you are free and interested in supporting me for my first story, would you like to accompany me in my journey :pleading_face::nerd_face:?!

Story Title: Ethereal Pebble
Description: One trip to LA, fate lets Soul meet Aiden. He wants just Friendship & she’s got a crush on him! A misunderstanding & they got the couple label, will Aiden want to take it further?
Style: Limelight.
Genre: Romance/Comedy.
Status: Yet to publish.


#01: You must be friendly, doesn’t matter you being shy but you should be understanding :pleading_face::thought_balloon:.
#02: You should have basic knowledge about English (pronouns, verbs, adjectives, tenses, etc.) :nerd_face:.
#03: You should be straightforward. If you find any errors you should talk to me without thinking if I would feel bad. Yeah, but one thing you have to be kind here :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:(I’ve a sensitive soul, jk haha :sweat_smile::cloud:!).
#04: You should have basic knowledge about Episode Coding.


No rules! Just follow me on Instagram @luvlyhazel & you’re set :bow_and_arrow::basket:!
You can also add me on snap @hazelpbourne we can be good friends instead of just Episode Workmates :smile: :hearts:

  • DM on either one of my social media the following words till the full stop- hey Hazel, I want the syrup of pancake. The line given below is not valid. It’s just to confuse others & to find out who doesn’t read the points :smiley:.

DM Line: Hey Hazel, I want some pancakes.


First of all we will talk for 3-4 days, on either Instagram or Snapchat.
If we get along :sparkles:real fine :sparkles: I’d send some random scenes of my story, If you’d like to continue you can, if not it’s absolutely ok we can still be friends & support each other :cowboy_hat_face::hatching_chick:!
If you decide to continue, I’ll publish my story & give you a password to proofread & spot errors, etc.
-Obviously, if you find any error DM on either of my social medias!
If any time you decide to discontinue, no problem at all. Trust me I’ll not hold on the grudge & we can still be friends :fairy:t3::angel:t3:!

Perks of working with me!

#01: I’m hella fun to be with :rofl::crazy_face: (haha, I’m a good company I’d say- a good listener & talker!)
#02: Credits in every episode/chapter.
#03: Special declaration Ig post.
#04: After, first 8 episodes/chapters, a special edit of you & me (bestf goals :kissing_smiling_eyes::two_hearts:!)
#05: Character Appearance in my story
-Role Options(you can choose any 1):- Main Character’s Close Friend or Love Interest’s Sister.
#06: Each Milestone/Achievement (10/100/1k/10k…reads)= An special post for your support and contribution to the story :face_with_thermometer::white_heart: (& me :angel:t3::two_hearts:!)
#07: Access to all bonus scenes, point determined scenes, extra novel-ish scenes, multiple POV privilege (It will included in each chapter of story as a gem choice for everyone else!), cheat sheets, etc
#08: If you’re also an author, I can proofread for you :relaxed:.
-If so, we can just proofread each other’s story & then can release a collaborated story together :white_heart::umbrella:!
#09: Ufff I forgot! I’ll follow you on your instagram, like all your posts (& two of my favorite posts goes on my story :teddy_bear::yarn:).
#10: A special character card edit as a welcome gift on being a part of the journey :vhs::couch_and_lamp:!

Let your friends know about me & this search of finding one proofreader/co-author, they can may be interested & want to be in this journey :white_heart::sneezing_face:! Thank You Hazelnut :smiling_face_with_three_hearts::purple_heart:.


I’m a commissioned proofreader
My prices are so cheap
Let me know if you are interested


Hey there :purple_heart::raised_hand:t3:!

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Ohh Hey there :smiling_face_with_three_hearts::raised_hand:t3:!


Hey you can dm me on IG -_angryybirdd _

Okk, Tyx :see_no_evil::yellow_heart:!

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