A question about episode!

Is episode dying? I want to know as one day I may want to make a living but I am under the age of 18 so in like 2 years will hardly anyone use the app. Then in 10 years will episode even exist . I want to pursue my dreams of being a writer but my attention span only will last between 1 hour to 2 hours so I thought episode was a great app to accomplish my goals as I know all of the coding because it comes natural to me but if in 5 to 10 years will they be anyone on the app I dont want to ruin my life by not getting a degree and then episode dying or people not wanting to read my story. Apparently there are 5 million people on the app. I bet it is very difficult to get 500,000 people to read your story as well.


I don’t think Episode is dying, they are just working on some stuff on the app, if your talking about the app and profiles, and links that arent working for Android users, still, as yet.

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You can use gems which will make it easier :hugs:

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I think Episode gets a lot of attention. I see a lot of youtubers review Episode stories, which I feel attracts their audience of non-Episode readers to actually go check out the app. Episode has been criticized by many for the cliche and problematic stories. However, some stories get great, positive attention by many. Episode definitely has its times when it seems as it is dead, but I feel like right now it isn’t since everybody is stuck at home and has nothing to do, so maybe they are reading Episode stories.
I know my mom in her free time when she’s not working, she’ll ask me for some good Episode stories to read and they keep her occupied lol


Episode is a pretty popular app atm, but of course, no one knows what will happen in 5-10 years. If you enjoy writing, this is a good opportunity to try yourself out, and in case you won’t be able to continue your stories here, I’m sure there’ll be other options for that in the future.

But… I would highly suggest against ditching everything else because of this. There are millions of people who want to become a writer, but only a very few is succesful enough to make a decent income with this, and I’m not talking only about Episode. I’m not saying you should give up, what I’m saying is that this is not easy, and doesn’t happen overnight. If you read some articles and interviews in this theme, you’ll see that most authors don’t quit their day jobs until they become world famous. So get that degree, have another profession, write as a hobby, and if you’re lucky enough, one day you might be able to live off what you really enjoy doing.


I forgot to add, but:

It is, and reaching 500K only means you’re qualified for the payments, and most popular authors don’t make a living of this. I have no idea about the exact numbers, but I’m pretty sure you have to get millions of reads monthly in order to achieve that.


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