A question about payments

I have a question.I’m not 18 just in a few years.When you get 500000 reads you earn money but only when you are 18.So when im not 18 but hit 500000 reads or more will i get the money when im 18 or will i then just start to earn.Just wanted to say im of course not just writing because of money but it would be cool if i can make money with that what i love to do.

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I think I read somewhere that they are working on a payment system for minors and I believe you need a certain amount of reads in a certain amount of time vs just hitting 500k reads in general.


I’ve heard that if you are under 18 and unlock payments, the money ‘sits’ there until you do turn 18.


Thank youu

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This is my understanding as well. That you can unlock the payment portal even if you’re under 18, but the money will accumulate until you turn 18.

And @Natalia_35 you need to get those 500k reads in 60 days, just in case you weren’t aware :slight_smile: