A Question about Song Lyrics

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So I know the rule about the 5-lyrics of song only thing but I was wondering if I could pass off the lyrics as being written by an in-story character (with full credit to the og artist of course in readerMessages)?

Like, a character says he wrote so-and-so lyrics and they are from a real-life song and in the readerMessage I could tell the name of the song and the original artist who wrote it? Is that allowed or against the rules??

I don’t think it’s right for a character to claim song lyrics that actually exist and are written by a real person :grimacing: You could always make your own lyrics up :blob_sun:


Oooooh, how tricky. :thinking: I think I wouldn’t, but I’m a paranoid mf.

I imagine you could probably get away with it if it was super clear somewhere like “Neither I nor Josh actually wrote this song, it’s actually abcde by vwxyz” Maybe not even in a readerMessage, because my slow ass can’t read a readerMessage longer than like 6 words before it’s gone lmao.

But again, I’d just avoid it by writing my own or getting a friend to write them lmao.

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I agree you might want to try making up your own lyrics, since the rule seems to applies to the lyrics however they’re featured. I’m not sure if you’d be legally allowed to say someone else’s lyrics are your character’s, even with clarification. If you want to stick to that and do 5 lines or less, I’d recommend submitting a ticket to Episode Support.

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Idek know, because I never heard of something like that before